Abby and Bradley’s Flower Farm Wedding

Captured & submitted by Olivia Louise Photography


We started with getting ready photos, her sister helped her tie up the ribbons on her shoes, we did Bradley’s getting ready photos in a separate room and then did the first look by the flower fields where they did private vows. Then was family photos and onto the ceremony, with photos with their friend group after. Then onto the reception for dinner where they had cocktail drinks named after different people in the family, we snuck away for sunset portraits where the bride’s sleeves were detachable to give a whole new look to the dress. Then back to the reception for dancing and partying!

We were celebrating their wedding day at Abby’s parents flower farm.

They both met in college, and wanted to get married on Abby’s parents farm. The farm itself is rented out to flower vendors so there were fields of flowers available to us to use for couples portraits which was really beautiful. Abby’s dad alongside Bradley fished for and caught all the chinook salmon that was served at the dinner for the guests. The parents have never used the farm before for weddings so it was really special how beautiful they made everything look special for Abby and Bradley’s day. After the first look they shared private vows together in the flower fields.

It was a bit smoky in the sky that day but the silver lining was that it made for perfect eve lighting throughout the whole day.

We also did their engagement photos earlier this year so it was a lot of fun to see them again as they had remembered some of the poses I had given them and made the day that much more fun. They’re both from the PNW and have a love for nature and the outdoors and wanted things to be a bit more minimalist for the day with a focus on flowers and the beauty of the venue.


Dress Store: Bamford Bake Shop//Dress Store: A&Be Bridal//Caterer: Art De Cuisine//Cinema and Video: Steady State Studios//Photographer: Olivia Louise Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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