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Naomi and Brian’s Passionate Jewish Wedding

Captured & submitted by Milestone Photography, LLC


There was a bar set this past Sunday at Indian Springs! I got to take my second shooter, Megan, along with me to capture one of the best wedding I have shot to date. I usually feel very active and energetic after a wedding, but this one was so jam packed full of amazing customs and traditions and sentimental moments we barely got a chance to sit down. Thankfully I had a TON to edit and was able to sit down most of the week and let myself rest to gear up for another weekend of weddings.

I am not sure if I can even fit all the awesome of this wedding into one blog post, but I am going to try!

So Sunday I shot the wedding of Naomi and Brian. Naomi first reached out to me in the fall and I could tell she knew exactly what she wanted. After talking to her, Brian and her family a few times we were booked. through their planning I got to read their beautiful engagement that included her love of animals and all the excitement that was to come.

Naomi and Brian did hit me with a curve ball at their planning consult. They said their vision for their first look was to see one another while driving golf carts… I was a nervous wreck because even though I am a visionary and a creative, this was beyond what I have ever done. Typically my couples are flexible with their first look plans, but these two had an idea and I did not want to disappoint. There were so many things I was trying to plan on this first look that I just wasn’t sure was going to work, but we ended up coordinating it as it went, and I will say it went WAY better then I expected!

We got all their portraits done including photos with their beloved pup that was a flower girl for their big day.. and oh so cute!

This was my first Jewish wedding. I was really excited to experience the traditional ceremonies with these two. There were SO MANY and it made for one of the most sentimental and beautiful wedding days I have ever experienced. The ceremony was a perfect mix of fun and personal. They used their jewish ceremonies, with personal personal vows, a speech from Naomi’s Nanny, a twist of adding their love for breweries to have a beer together, and I got to shoot my first glass breaking!

However the magic of the ceremony was some how topped by the amazing touches of their reception! Their seating chart was beers for each guest with tables being labeled as some of their favorite breweries marked by growlers from those breweries. Naomi had choreographed dances with her groom and dad. There was the amazing Jewish traditions including the chair lift, the breaking of bread ceremony, and a crowning ceremony for her momma since her last daughter was getting married. The bride did a bouquet toss and had ALL guests involved in catching! The toss bouquet even broke apart so more guests could catch one!

Her reception was entertained by probably the coolest band/DJ mix I have ever seen! I didn’t know anything like this existed! When I tell you this live band was EPIC playing all the good wedding music, while also being able to act as a normal DJ with introductions, announcements and being able to play music aside from what they were playing live to give a great variety. It was incredible! The coolest part was that Naomi is a singer and surprised her groom and all her guests by singing “A Million Dreams” form the Greatest Showman that brought half the room to tears!

Her cake was a masterpiece that told their story so well while also being a traditional and beautiful wedding cake. I got to take some home thanks to an amazing Indian Spring staff member (they always take SUCH GOOD CARE of the vendors!) the cake was amazing. I had to hide it from my kids to I could enjoy every bite. It was worth eating on the floor of my bedroom!

At the end of the night I realized our plans of doing sunset photos were going to be super interesting. Since they had such an early wedding I wanted to ensure we set time aside for perfect lighting at the end of the day to make sure they got epic portraits. But, I didn’t realize how fun this couple was and I should have known based on their brewery touches to their day that they were going to enjoy themselves. They were troopers though! I actually had a blast getting those last few shots before they went on to the after party.

Naomi and Brian definitely had their minds set on what their day would be and what photos they wanted. It was a pleasure to be witness to it and get it documented for them. They are probably getting the biggest gallery I have ever sent since Megan and I both didn’t want to miss a thing!

How They Met: “We met on Hinge on November 5, 2020. We had our first date at Tindall Road Brewery and now breweries are a big part of our life. The theme of the wedding is breweries! We both love to travel, hike, see musicals and most of all love pugs!”

Engagement Story: “We will be engaged a little over 9 months on our wedding day. Brian took me to Tamerlane Animal Sanctuary on October 9th. He knows I love animals, specifically pigs. We went around and got to pet cows, chickens, and other animals. The most important animals were the pigs!!! The tour lasted 2 tours. At the end of the tour, they took me to a pig pen that they said we weren’t allowed to go to at the beginning of the tour. To my surprise it was because there was a “Will you Marry Me?” sign across the pig pen with red rose pedals laid all on the ground. He proposed in Tiny and Albie’s pig pen! Afterwards we went to Miller’s Ale House where both families were there to surprise me. Then he took me to the Asbury Biergarten for dinner and drinks to celebrate!!”


Event Venue: Marco’s At Indian Springs//Photographer: Milestone Photography, LLC//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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