Susan and Jim’s Backyard Barn Wedding

Captured & submitted by Gingi Freeman Photography


Hot summer nights in the Central Valley just hit different when there are twinkle lights, candles, live music and romance.

This DIY backyard wedding and barn reception in Exeter, California, nestled amongst orchards and farmland in the San Joaquin Valley near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, was just PERFECT.

There were so many charming DIY touches and elements sprinkled throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, from the florals which were all DIY projects, to the wedding arbor was made by one of the property owners kids, to the reception band / live music, which was made up of the bride and grooms kids playing their musical instruments! (Susan even joined in the performances on her flute at one point!)

My absolute favorite touch were the wedding favors that Susan herself – rocks that she crocheted! Each one was different and unique, and the visual of the handcrafted art combined with the obvious love and thought that went into each individual one made a stunning gift for the wedding guests. (She even let me take some home to display proudly on my desk while I edit photos!)

The reception featured Street Corner Tacos, where guests could line up to get fresh carne asada sizzling on the grill with fresh made salsa and toppings. (I have SO missed authentic tacos since moving to the PNW!) BTW, the cake and dessert at this wedding was hands down THE BEST dessert I have had at a wedding in recent memory. And that’s really saying something! My mouth is watering just looking at these photos. Yummm!

It was such a pleasure and an honor to capture this wedding.


Caterer: Street Corner Tacos//Bakery: Cathy’s Cute Cakes//Photographer: Gingi Freeman Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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