Cassandra and Seth’s Pride & Prejudice-Inspired Elopement

Captured & submitted by Hotzel Photography


I have always been captivated by the historical romanticism and love stories often found in period pieces. With their increasing popularity in film & media, I wanted to design and capture an elopement that felt like a window into the past. But not just any period drama, one from a classic author — Jane Austen.

While this is a styled shoot, it was designed and documented with a lot of detail and intention to ultimately look and feel real.

The shoot was specifically modeled after the 2005 rendition of the film Pride & Prejudice — starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. The final scene when the two overcome their pride and prejudices towards one another and let themselves be enveloped in their love “bewitched me, body and soul”, as much as it did Mr. Darcy. That scene was specifically what I had in mind when designing and curating this shoot.

While the movie is a bit of a throwback, it is a classic story after all and I have yet to see an elopement showcased quite like this.

The shoot features common elopement highlights like writing vows, a ceremony, B&G portraits, and a fun post-elopement celebration with a modern touch; an evening dinner picnic as the couple watch the movie Pride & Prejudice on a projector.

As a side note, the couple is a real couple. They have been together for two years. They met on Facebook. Cassandra, saw a picture of Seth and sent him a message and they got to talking. They spoke every day for over a month, sometimes for hours. It was a lockdown relationship, and neither of them had spend any time with another person outside of their households in almost a year. They started going on winter walks for hours on end and just clicked.

They both really love cosplay and dressing up, so this shoot really embodied them as a couple as well! She is First Nations Blackfeet Native American and he is Lakota Sioux Native American.


Jewelry:Olivia Mar Jewelry//Invitation Designer:Red Clay Paper//Other:Tentation Picnics//Makeup Artist:Ericka Pegues//Hair Stylist:Elle Marie Hair Studio//Floral Designer:Kylie Hale Designs//Photographer:Hotzel Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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