Catherine and Fernando’s Beach Front Wedding in Mexico

Captured & submitted by Harry McLaughlin Photography


We met when we were 6 and 9 and Fernando left to live in Colombia for some time. We didn’t see each other until we were 18 and 21 when I, Catherine, moved into a house that turned out to be the house next door to Fernando. We reconnected but only as friends I was a senior in high school and he was a senior in college we would talk from time to time went on one date to the movies but stayed just friends. A little over a year later we went to a mutual friend’s birthday celebration and we both had recently gotten out of a relationship and we reconnected again and danced all night. I quickly learned how much of a gentleman he is because the night we got home we were outside and it was winter so he placed his jacket on me so I wouldn’t get cold. After that night we were inseparable and it helped that we lived next to each other. We would make breakfast together almost every day and spend days together going on dates, driving around, eating and watching movies in his car, going to his soccer games, and just hanging out together all the time. After about a month in a half he asked me out in such a beautiful way. His plan was for us to climb Crowders Mountain and watch the sunrise and he would ask me out during the sunrise, but the park was closed at such an early time. Instead we drove through Franklin going towards Belmont and parked at the BB&T parking lot facing the sunrise and that’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend it was sweet because I am obsessed with sunsets and sunrises. After about a year of dating we moved in together and the first morning together he woke me up, carried me to our kitchen and sat me down to such a beautiful breakfast and that’s when I knew he was the one for me. He always goes above and beyond to make me feel so special and loved and here we are 8 in a half years later and he continues to make sure I fall in love with him everyday. He proposed at the Biltmore house in Asheville, NC and planned everything with our friends and family so everyone could be there that day on October 11, 2020 the day after my birthday.


Event Planner:Where Dreams Lead//Photographer: Harry McLaughlin Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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