Janna and Philip’s Elegant Oceanside Elopement

Captured by Caroline Thomas Photography
Submitted by Elope Tampa Bay


Phillip filled our apartment with candles and flowers, and asked me to marry him!

Initially we planned a small intimate wedding with family and friends, but after the pandemic, we ultimately decided an elopement would be the best option for us. We envisioned a beach, sunset, and just us two.

We started by looking up elopement companies in the Tampa area. We compared packages, costs, and found what worked best for us. We had an initial phone call to share our ideas with elope tampa bay. During the planning process we reached out to elope tampa bay whenever we had questions. Between booking elope tampa bay and our wedding date we worked on our vows, what we would wear at the ceremony, scheduling an appointment for hair, finding a place to have dinner after the ceremony, and booking a hotel and car rental for our trip to Florida.

I wore the wedding gown I had bought for our original wedding, as it was something I LOVED. I was worried it was too much for a simple ceremony, but was ultimately glad I wore it and Phillip got to see me in it. Phillip wore a black suit.

Our memorable moments were spending the morning/day of the wedding relaxing at the beach (if we had a big wedding I am sure it would of been a busy chaotic day), arriving at the beach early, before the officiant and photographer arrived, and sharing our vows privately, and the two dolphins we saw swimming together as the sun went down.

If you are not from the Florida area and are visiting (and sunburn easily) make sure to wear sunscreen prior to your wedding day and apply often! This may seem like a no-brainer but it was overcast during our visit, so we did not feel the sun on us, but we both ended up sunburnt the day of our wedding.

Double check everything you pack, and make sure you have what you need for the day of the wedding. I forgot all of my makeup brushes, so had to go buy new ones. I also traveled with all of my wedding items on my carry on, there was no way I was risking the dress not making it on time!

Make sure to incorporate things into your day that fit you as a couple. We were both excited about sharing our personal vows- and I feel for us having the privacy to share our vows with just us two present, was the highlight of the day.


Other Location:Clearwater Beach//Officiant:Sensational Ceremonies//Event Planner: Epic Elopement//Event Planner: Elope Tampa Bay//Photographer: Caroline Thomas Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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