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Changing Up Your Look for the Reception

By Lisa Beth Miller

Someone asked me this week if it was acceptable for a bride to completely change her look for the reception celebration. I answered with a definite “Yes!” Once all of the formal group pictures are taken, it is completely acceptable to switch looks for the reception!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. The bride could, of course, change from her long gown to a shorter, edgier dress that is easier to wear while dancing. A whole new dress is not mandatory, but for some brides, it is a fun idea! I definitely recommend keeping dress #2 in the white or ivory color family in order to stay visible throughout the event. Also, keep the second dress choice classy and appropriate. Just because there is dancing at the reception does not mean the bride should put on her clubwear!
  2. Add a pop of color or sparkle by switching accessories! Whether or not the bride switches dresses, she can add a bit of pizazz to her look with a change of belts, jewelry, hair accessories, or shoes! If adding a pop of color, be sure that it coordinates with the overall wedding color scheme.
  3. Don a new do! If the bride wears her hair in a complicated up-do for the ceremony, she could switch to a looser side ponytail for the reception. For a variety in the wedding pictures, create a reception hairdo that is the opposite of the wedding ceremony hairdo.
  4. Switch to comfortable shoes! If you know that the sparkle-y stilettos you wore for the ceremony are not practical for dancing, buy some pretty (and equally sparkle-y) flats for the reception! Please don’t be that bride that changes into cheap rubber flip flops (unless you are literally on the beach). And do not walk around in bare feet at your reception!

If none of these ideas appeal to you, just freshen up your ceremony look, bustle your train, and enjoy your party!

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