Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

As your wedding date comes closer, the final touches on wedding day preparations need to be thoughtfully prepared. Writing wedding vows tops the list of challenging tasks for many engaged couples!

Writing personalized vows isn’t as easy as it looks and should not be done the night before the wedding. As the big day is approaching, brides and grooms should start to think about their vows if they are writing their own (even if they are receiving some professional help).

Make sure the chosen house of worship will even allow personalized vows. Not all celebrants are created equal, and some require specific, traditional vows to be spoken. Providing a draft of vows for the officiant beforehand is also something a bride and groom might need to do, even if unique wedding vows are allowed.

Once a couple gets the green light for personalized vows, they need to think about the tone they are setting (funny, romantic, touching). Brides and grooms may also want to sit down together and discuss their vows and what marriage truly means to them. After brainstorming together, take some alone time to write vows separately.

It is important to have an in-depth conversation about style and tone so the vows flow properly and match in terms of formality. It would obviously be awkward if the groom presented hilarious vows and the bride presented serious ones!

It is also important to stick to the point. While vows are important to the ceremony, there is no need to make them longer than a minute. There will be time to say more at the reception!

Of course, brides and grooms should always ask for help if they are simply clueless when trying to compose their vows. Whether that means hiring a “ghost writer” or just reading the draft to a few friends to get feedback, the vow writer should not feel alone in the writing process if they are not fully confident in their artistry and abilities.


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