Jessi and Roel’s Breathtaking Sunrise Elopement

Captured & submitted by Adventure and Vows


Jessi & Roel started their elopement day before the sun woke up.

We met at the parking lot of the trailhead, met for the first time, got our things ready, and then started up the trail with two lamps and a headlight. We stopped once we got to an opening at the end of the trail near the summit to soak in the last few moments before the sun started to rise and before their ceremony.

Jessi & Roel found a spot on the summit that spoke to them and then gathered their rings and vows books. They also quickly took off their shoes so they could feel the earth beneath their feet during their ceremony. They shared heartfelt vows with each other that induced a few happy tears, exchanged wedding bands, and sealed their vows with a kiss and a ceremonious high-five and a “we did it!”

They then enjoyed coffee together and read hand written cards from their loved ones back home while enjoying the soft glow that enveloped the park. Once they had their fill of coffee, they quickly explored every square inch of the summit that they could. They were so excited to explore, I practically had to chase them to capture their adventuring on the summit.

Once we were done exploring, we packed up our things and headed back down the trail to the next adventure– canoeing! They rented a canoe at a local lake near the park, Jessi had her “Titanic” moment as Roel wheeled the canoe towards the lake, and they enjoyed some time on the water in the sun.

It was the perfect start to a perfect day.


Dress Store: BHLDN//Ceremony Location: Acadia National Park//Photographer: Adventure and Vows//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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