Sonia and Angel’s Intimate Elopement at Red Rock Canyon

Captured by Elizabeth Le Photography
Submitted by Elopement Las Vegas



Neutral and simplistic.


My now Husband tried to keep this a secret but I knew for 2 weeks lol I love the holidays so, he proposed on Christmas eve of 2019. We’ve been together for 7 years at that point and he set up a “walk down memory lane” with all the polaroids/photos we took during our years together. Very simple and intimate!


The vision was simple. We wanted neutrals (because we’re the star of this show) and simplicity. We didn’t like the traditional summer color looks so, we said, beige, white, cream and browns/burnt oranges for our pops of colors since it matched the natural background of the Red Rock Canyons.


Well, covid hit after that and we had to wait awhile until we felt everything opened up and everyone felt safe to travel. So, our planning didn’t really start until Sept of 2021. At first, we were going to have the traditional wedding and as we were pricing everything out, we both looked at each other and went ” why are we paying for everyone to celebrate our wedding, on our dime, for one day??”. That’s when we switched gears and said BET – an elopement it is! So, it took us about a month to change from 150 guests to 35 guests. We keep it close family and friends only. I like to consider myself a google queen so, I started doing research on elopement companies (which took like 3 weeks?) but most places just offered the basics, hair/make-up, officiant, location etc.

Then I ran into Elopement Las Vegas and saw how much they offered for like the same price. We thought, this is perfect! Different yet, we still get some of the traditional aspects of a wedding including decor! From there it was smooth sailing wedding planning wise! Didn’t do much except design wedding invites around Sept 2021, book flights/stay in Dec 2021, hair/make-up around January 2022 and wedding party brunches around April 2022.

Dress planning was a little different. Normally a wedding dress takes about 3-4 months to receive however, with covid and shipping demands, dresses were taking about 5-6 months. So, we started shopping around September 2021 for dresses. Most girls take a month or two to find their dress but I found mine day 2 of dress shopping which was great considering my dress was delayed a month. For the girls and guys, I planned their stuff around January of 2022. I created a whole look book to make sure everyone’s colors would match and sent them their links on where to buy/rent from by February.

All in all, we planned far ahead in advance regarding our elopement soley so that we could have time, spread things out and not be as stressed.


(Tell us about each of your outfits, where they are from and how/why you chose them)

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 3.54.05 PM.png

This is my brunch look from Jux Label:


I chose this look because A) Vegas was going to be a BLAZING 102 degrees during brunch and linen is super light and cooling B) because brunch was a casual fit at the Bellagio that was also having a jungle themed botanical garden at the time and I thought this would make for great photos with this outfit.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 4.01.07 PM.png

This is my wedding dress.


I chose this dress because a) I did not want a traditional dress because I wanted to be different b) it was form fitted in the right places and it was sheer, yet gave an old, romantic and modern vibe all in one. To me this is truly a timeless dress.

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 11.47.42 AM.png

These simple beauties are my earrings.


I’m not a big earring fan in the first place. I love small yet unique earrings so I chose a pearl stud with a circular earring jacket. The circular designs on the dress matched this perfectly. Everyone wears drop earrings, so why not layer instead? Instagram’s algorithm really popped off.


Definitely seeing my husband cry when I was coming down the aisle and when I mean cry, I mean he was BALLING. Another one of my favorite moments would be after the wedding. We came home to a package from my uncle from my Great Grandparents who have passed but left a gift behind for the first grandchild to get married. I love to cook and bake, so they left behind their antique silverware set. So, we’re currently looking for modern yet vintage plates to match the silverware.

Angel, my husband, would say his favorite moment would be the entire ceremony because it was beautifully set up!


You do you. Don’t worry about everyone else’s input. The day of your wedding is for you two and you two only, so enjoy the moment, take a couple of deep breaths and get your asses/butts married!!


Officiant: Wedding Vows Las Vegas//Floral Designer: Amy Wong Floral & Events//Cinema and Video: Imprezza Films//Event Planner: Elopement Las Vegas//Ceremony Location: Red Rock Canyon//Event Planner: Epic Elopement//Photographer: Elizabeth Le Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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