Claire and Matt’s Beautiful Lakeside Wedding

Captured & submitted by Lauren Ashley Studios


Out on the dock, surrounded my loved ones, these two sweethearts had a blast celebrating their wedding day.

It’s funny, even the most confident people get anxious right before their wedding ceremony. Actors, politicians, public speakers. Everyone feels the nerves in the lead up to exchanging their vows, and it makes sense. Typically, there’s such a long build up to not just the ceremony, but the whole wedding itself. Waiting over a year for your moment in the spotlight is tough! Plus, this isn’t a job you’re taking center stage for, this is your wedding! It conjures up so many unique feelings you just wouldn’t have felt before. Our bride Claire experienced exactly this right before her wedding to Matt at Lake Lawn Resort this year.

Claire is confident, bold, and not afraid of speaking in public. But right before she was due to tie the knot, she experienced some real anxiety. But as we say, Claire is not alone, and this is totally normal. And what’s important to remember is how she dealt with. By recognizing it, understanding it and then going out and getting married! Because as she said, “It honestly happened so fast, and was over before I knew it, I wish I was a little more relaxed“. In the end, there’s nothing to it! And it’ll be over before you know it. So try to enjoy it all while you can because you deserve to!

Claire was an all-round wonder woman during her big day, and together with now husband Matt, they created such a delightful, and chilled wedding at Lake Lawn Resort. A celebration filled with laughter, beer, and a whole lot of love!

In this post, we are so pleased to be sharing the photography from Claire and Matt’s Wedding at Lake Lawn Resort, along with a few details about our happy couple.

A Chance Encounter

Things could have been so different for Claire and Matt, had Claire’s initial advances towards Matt’s friend panned out. Claire met one of Matt’s good friends at a bar one night, and decided to give him her number. However, that guy ended up dating one of her friends. Fortunately enough though, for the story of our lovebirds, Claire was still a part of Matt’s friendship group. And when one of them had a spare ticket to a Blackhawks game, she was invited along. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Not Always Perfect

Shopping for a wedding dress is challenging, and we believe it’s useful for brides to hear that. Sometimes you will doubt the final choice you made. And that’s ok! For Claire, she tried on multiple dresses, in many different styles, without finding ‘the one’. There were some gowns she liked, some she didn’t, but none she loved. In that moment, like so many brides before, she felt pressured, and undecided.

With all eyes on her, she made a decision. “I opted for a dress that wasn’t super ‘trendy’. But I consider my style to be more boho, and I feel like I chose something too classic for my style“, shared Claire. For us, and for everyone at her wedding, she chose the perfect dress because she looked absolutely stunning in it. Everyone was completing her on the day, and the gown suited her so well. But she wasn’t 100% convinced it was “the one”.

If you’re standing in a bridal boutique, possibly wearing a dress that the stylist, your mom, and your sister/friends all say is perfect but you don’t feel like it is, don’t be afraid to walk away. There are always more options, regardless of time or money. If you do choose a style you’re not completely sold on, like Claire, remember that not every part of the wedding process will be fairy-tale-like. You may not be happy with every little detail. That’s normal. What’s important is that you, your partner, and your loved ones have the most amazing day. And you marry the person of your dreams! Who cares about the little details in comparison to that!

First Look

As you may know, we love a first look. And Claire and Matt’s moment out on the dock was so adorable. The Lake Lawn Resort is blessed with some pretty stunning natural scenery, and their lakeside area is particularly pretty. Matt stood waiting patiently for Claire out on the wooden dock there, looking out across the water until his bride came sneaking up behind him! Matt adored Claire’s look, and you could see how pleased they were to see each other. Here’s how Claire describes it, “It (the first look) was perfect, it calmed our nerves, and also gave us a chance to small talk beforehand, and get all our compliments out“.

Relaxing Photography

Claire and Matt’s friends and family were a really fun crew. They were up for anything, and in a truly celebratory mood. Our couple wanted that reflected in their wedding photography. This is why, together, we opted for more of a candid style of shooting. Rather than traditional posed shots, and heavily planned group portraits. We still captured a few orchestrated shots here and there, but they were super relaxed. This style of photography suited the group so well, and we managed to capture some wonderfully natural moments. “I feel like we are blessed with the best people in our lives, people that really know how to let loose and understood the assignment“, shared Claire.

Wisdom From Our Bride

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your day. For Claire, that was certainly the case! One of the main things she suggests to future brides, is wearing comfortable shoes. When we talked to her, 3 weeks after the wedding, she still had blisters on her feet…!

On your wedding day, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet. Therefore, it pays to think about the shoes you’ll be wearing. Be sure to wear them in before the big day, wear insoles/blister pads if you feel you’ll need them. And pack them anyway, even if you think you won’t. The last thing you want is sore feet, when it’s your moment to take to the dance floor!

Claire also recommends not DIY’ing everything for your wedding if you’re short on time. “Start buying things, even if you think you’re too far out. Some things are worth the $$ instead of stressing over DIY“, advises Claire. Of course it’s nice to make things yourself, or with your loved ones, and it’s usually cheaper too. IF you’re losing sleep over DIY decor, and you’re days away from the wedding, it’s sensible to just bite the bullet, and pay for a few ready-made things.

Vendor Shout-outs

We always like to share the vendors our couples love working with, as we know how helpful it can be to receive real, personal recommendations when you’re planning a wedding. For Claire, the real hero of her wedding was her hair and makeup vendor, Ashley Berg from Sweet Violets Wedding. “She was the absolute BEST to work with and SO SO SO sweet. Her salon is in Downers Grove, but she travels“, shared Claire.


Dress Store: Bella Sposa Bridal Boutique//Reception Venue: Lake Lawn Resort//Photographer: Lauren Ashley Studios//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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