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Samantha and Landon’s Romantic Night Wedding with Vintage Vibes

Captured & submitted by Modern Moments Photography


Landon and Sam met when they worked together in an ER in downtown Tulsa. They really became close during COVID when their mutual work friends would all get together and eat breakfast after work. Before they had even went on a date, Landon would come over to Sam’s newly purchased house and help her with remodeling projects. They spent hours scraping popcorn ceilings and installing new hardwood floors. Landon asked Sam out on a date in June 2020, they went out to eat and watched Sam’s favorite movies, Sweet Home Alabama and Dirty Dancing. By the end of the night, Landon asked Sam to be his girlfriend. They spent the next 2 years doing what they love most, hanging out with Sam’s son, Leo, traveling, and watching a ton of tv shows. They also adopted to cats, Simba and Machi. In July 2022 Landon and Sam took a trip to Kansas City to see George Strait, one day he took her to a rose garden where he asked her to marry him and she said yes! Afterwards, they went and had dinner after where he had her parents and his family waiting at the restaurant to celebrate. The spent the next 6 months planning a wedding and getting ready to start a life as a family of three.

Their big day took place at the Johnstone-Sare Building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The Johnstone-Sare Building is gorgeous with walls of windows, exposed brick, and a crazy amount of elaborate chandeliers. They have a 180-degree view of the incredible historic architectural downtown Bartlesville. All these things and the vintage feel is why Sam and Landon chose this spot for the celebration!

I always like to ask my brides some questions after their wedding, here’s what they have to say!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? The reception, I loved being able to relax and spend time having fun with our family and friends after the ceremony.

What was the most meaningful part of the wedding? We loved having the chance to have our parents pray over us before the wedding, they both have given us beautiful examples of marriage and we are thankful to them for that.

Any advice you’d give a future bride getting married at the Johnstone-Sare Building? I would say to have the ceremony after the sun has set. The chandeliers give the venue the perfect amount of lighting and really sets the atmosphere.


Dress Store: Bella Rose Bridal//Floral Designer: Honey’s Flowers//Ceremony Location: Johnstone-Sare Building//Photographer: Modern Moments Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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