Meagon and Jamison’s Romantic Green Wedding In Conway

Captured & submitted by Charleston Photo Art LLC


On May 28, 2022, Meagan and Jamison had a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was held at First Baptist Church of Conway. To the accompaniment of a grand piano among family and friends, Meagan and Jamison said the most important words to each other. It was truly majestic and magical.

Natural colors, white arch vaults, a huge tree wrapped in ivy blended harmoniously into every shot with the newlyweds. Happiness and strong feelings cannot be missed in every photo from wedding photographers Charleston.

The venue Conway for the second part of the celebration was decorated with a large number of bulbs, greenery and white flowers. All this created a unique atmosphere of an elegant and at the same time cozy celebration.

The bridesmaids were dressed in delicate turquoise dresses, thus continuing the green tone of the celebration. The bride went to the wedding in a stylish white dress with open shoulders and a long veil. The bouquet with white flowers and greenery made the image feminine and refined. The groom’s friends were dressed in navy blue suits, complete with blue bowties and brown boots. The groom was also dressed as well.

The couple were brought together by Southern University in Charleston. It was there that they met during their freshman year thanks to a mutual friend. That’s how they found out they were in the same class. Soon Jamison proposed to the beautiful Meagan to go to the movies. After that, joint trips to the movies became regular, every Friday. Meagan confesses that a month after she met him, she realized he was her future husband.

So why did the couple choose Conway? First of all, it was the bride’s hometown. The couple chose Conway because it was inspired by the movie Hallmark.

When asked, “What do you love most about him?” the bride replied, “I love how he is so easy going, sweet, protective, and can crack a joke at any moment.”

When asked, “What do you love most about her?” the groom answered without hesitation, “I love how smart, hard working, caring and last but not least how beautiful she is.”

Five years later, the couple sees themselves in their own home, where they are building their happy and strong family. We wedding photographers wish Meagan and Jamison that their love only grows stronger with each year they spend together.


Event Venue: The Peanut Warehouse//Ceremony Location: First Baptist Church//Dress Store:The Dressing Room//Event Planner: Two Become One Wedding Planning//Photographer: Charleston Photo Art LLC//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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