Jyoti and Kevin’s Engagement at Salt Flats

Captured & submitted by Bhuvana Dhinesh Photography


Kevin and Jyoti who has been friends for years finally got engaged in October and soon after they started planning their wedding in months. Kevin is from Houston while Jyoti lived in San Antonio at the time. Jyoti’s cousin, Tej Bhatia also a DJ is a friend of mine so when the couple got engaged the first thing he advised them was to finalize a venue and start looking for the vendors, he obviously referred me to them. The couples loved my portfolio and went ahead to book me for their 4-day wedding in Houston, TX. A part of their wedding which is called the Jaago event was planned in Salt Lake City since Jyoti grew up and her family and siblings still live there. They also proposed that they Iive an hour away from Salt Flats and if I can cover a destination engagement session, who would say no to a salt flats session with lovely couples like Kevin & Jyoti? I just packed my bags and left for Salt Lake City a day before the Jaago, we drove to Bonneville Salt Flats. We got there around 3 pm, couples had 3 outfits as we planned. It was bone-chilling cold, we parked the car right next to us, and we had to take multiple breaks in the middle because of the weather to warm us. The landscape was something beyond what I had expected and it was one of my ever-forgetting experiences. The couples were just amazing that they did not mind the cold and we got some great shots.


Photographer: Bhuvana Dhinesh Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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