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Saving Money on Your Bar Budget

Weddings are a special occasion that often comes with a significant price tag. One major expense is the cost of alcohol, which can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. Here are 10 tips for saving money on wedding alcohol:

  1. Offer a limited selection of drinks Offering a smaller selection of drinks can reduce costs and simplify the bar setup. Consider offering just beer, wine, and a signature cocktail or two.
  2. Opt for beer and wine only Offering beer and wine instead of a full bar can save significant money. It’s also a classic and reliable choice that most guests will enjoy.
  3. Serve signature cocktails Signature cocktails can be made with cheaper alcohol and still have a unique and personal touch. Consider choosing one or two cocktails that fit with your wedding theme.
  4. Consider an open bar for a limited time An open bar for a limited time, such as the first two hours of the reception, can be a cost-effective option. This allows guests to enjoy drinks while also keeping costs down.
  5. Provide a cash bar. Having guests pay for their own drinks can significantly reduce the cost of the bar. Be sure to make this clear on your wedding invitations or wedding website so guests are aware in advance.
  6. BYOB Allow guests to bring their own alcohol, as long as it’s not too much. This can be a fun and cost-effective option for guests who want to bring their favorite drink.
  7. Buy in bulk Buying alcohol in bulk can save significant money, especially if purchased from a wholesale store. Be sure to consider the quantity of alcohol needed for the number of guests and the duration of the event.
  8. Shop around Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare prices from different vendors. Be sure to check with your venue or caterer to see if they offer discounts for purchasing alcohol through them.
  9. Negotiate Try negotiating with your venue or caterer to see if they can provide a better deal on the alcohol. They may be willing to work with you to reduce costs.
  10. Avoid expensive mixers Expensive mixers such as soda, juice, and syrups can quickly add up. Consider using more cost-effective alternatives, such as club soda or tonic water.

In conclusion, alcohol can be a significant expense for weddings, but there are many ways to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. Consider these 10 tips when planning your wedding to reduce your bar costs while still ensuring that your guests have a great time.

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