Share Your Love Story: Tips for Creating a Personalized Wedding Blog

By Rebecca Barnes, Publisher of Brides & Weddings

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A personalized wedding blog can be a wonderful way to share your journey as a couple, keep friends and family updated on wedding planning progress, and provide a lasting record of your special day. With the abundance of blogging platforms available, creating a wedding blog is easier than ever. Here are some tips on what information to include, and how to share personal stories and pictures to create a truly personalized blog.

Choose a Platform

There are many platforms available for creating a blog, such as WordPress, Blogger, or Squarespace. Choose a platform that best fits your needs and skill level. Many platforms offer customizable templates that you can use to create a unique look for your blog.

Share Your Story

Your wedding blog should include your love story and how you met. This is a great opportunity to share the unique details of your relationship and how you fell in love. Consider adding a timeline of significant events in your relationship, such as your first date or the day you got engaged.

Include Wedding Planning

Updates Keep your guests up to date on your wedding planning progress by sharing updates on your blog. This could include updates on the venue, catering, or dress shopping. Sharing these updates will allow your guests to feel involved and excited about your big day.

Share Personal Stories

Personal stories can be a great way to make your wedding blog more engaging and memorable. Share stories about the moments that brought you closer as a couple or funny anecdotes about your relationship. These stories will add a personal touch to your blog and help your guests get to know you better.

Include Photos

Photos are a key component of a wedding blog. Consider sharing engagement photos or photos from your life as a couple. You could also include photos of the wedding planning process, such as venue visits or dress fittings. Be sure to include photos of your wedding day to document all the special moments.

Provide Information for Guests

Your wedding blog can also serve as a valuable resource for your guests. Consider including information on travel and accommodations, a schedule of events, and details on the wedding party. You could also include links to your wedding registry or other important details that your guests need to know.

Creating a personalized wedding blog is a great way to document your journey as a couple and share your special day with friends and family. By including personal stories, photos, and updates on wedding planning, you can create a blog that is unique and memorable. Remember to choose a platform that works for you, and have fun creating a blog that reflects your love and commitment to each other.

Rebecca Barnes is the publisher of Brides & Weddings, the trusted local wedding planning guide for more than 25 years. Rebecca is passionate about helping couples plan their dream weddings. Schedule a complimentary wedding planning consultation, call with Rebecca today. 

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