Your White Dress Checklist (Newsflash: You Need More Than One!)

By Lisa Beth Miller

Being engaged is an exciting time. It is a time to plan, shop, and shine like the fabulous fiancé that you deserve to be.

Obviously, shopping for THE white (or white-ish) dress for the main wedding event is a huge deal. But have you thought about what to wear for all of the pre-wedding festivities? You have quite a few events to be excited about, and guess what? They will ALL be heavily photographed. So, start making the list of amazing white dresses that you will be needing!

The Engagement Party Dress

This is your big chance to acclimate everyone to the fact that you will soon be a bride! Find a fabulous white dress that is fresh, flattering, and family-friendly. Lots of pictures will be taken, so definitely take some test photos to be sure that the fabric, color, and style all photograph well. Formality should obviously be based upon the venue selected for the engagement party, but generally, this dress does not need to be too over-the-top. Your goal is to be cute, comfortable, and to make a perfect first impression.

The Bridal Shower Dress

Some brides have multiple showers, which means multiple dresses. In most cases, bridal showers are all about girl time! Bridal showers are traditionally during the day, so they are the perfect opportunity to wear a white dress that is fabulous, fashion-forward, and feminine. A boho maxi dress might be perfect, but a white shift dress may also fit the bill. It’s all about you and your own personal style.

The Bachelorette Party Dress

Party time! This dress is all about a fun night out. Show off your curves or show some skin. This pre-wedding outfit has to be all about fun. Go for sequins, cutouts, or anything short to show off your gorgeous self. If you want everyone to know that you are the bride, you absolutely need to wear white for this extravaganza.

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Ok, this event is jam-packed with family members and important guests. It is an excellent time to go for an elegant and classy look! Keep this dress simple and photogenic. Everyone will see you in your wedding gown the next day, so go for some variety. For example, if your wedding gown is strapless and A-line, rock a sleek maxi or a cute cocktail dress with sleeves.

The Reception Dress

The reception dress trend is a controversial concept for some. But if you feel like you cannot dance and socialize all night comfortably in your wedding gown, the reception dress is a valid option. Of course, it should be a sparkly, celebratory dress…maybe just not as full or heavy as the wedding gown.

In addition to these dresses, you might opt to also purchase a white dress for your engagement photo shoot, if you are planning one. Of course, you could also use one of the party dresses for that day.

Although this probably seems like a lot of dresses to buy, shopping strategically will make things a bit less stressful. Regardless of when your wedding will take place, there are simply more white dresses available in stores when the weather is warm! So, keep your eye out for springtime (most stores start stocking white dresses in February)! Another tip is to watch carefully for sales once the summer months start winding down (August/September).



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