Katie and Mike’s Elopement at Montana’s Alpine Lake

Captured & submitted by Together We Roam Photo


Both Katie and Mike were going out with their friends unaware it was a double date. When they both met each other there, they both had the same thought-“WOW! They’re cute”.  They all went to a bar after the double date where Katie and Mike both played it cool. Katie sang at the bar in front of everyone and Mike was hooked! The night ended. Everyone went their separate ways.

The next day Mike took to Facebook to find Katie in hopes of connecting more. All the nerves disappeared when Katie reached out first. Mike confessed that he found her attractive and was interested in getting to know her more. He mustered the courage to ask her on an OFFICIAL date – just in time for the pandemic to shut everything down. A skype date later and their story began to unfold.

The rest is history!


Floral Designer: Sola Wood Flowers//Photographer: Together We Roam Photo//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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