Abigail and Alex’s Stunning June Elopement in Grand Teton National Park

Captured & submitted by Eastlyn & Joshua


Abigail and Alex met while working as healthcare providers at a hospital in Connecticut. Alex was a single dad, raising two little boys on his own.

Before meeting Alex, Abigail made a habit of visiting different national parks throughout America; in fact, she loves the parks so much, that she has set a goal of seeing every one in her lifetime. Alex also has a love for hiking, camping, and traveling, but these passions were put on the back burner when he became a single father in 2017.

Abigail described the beginning of their relationship as follows: “Although Alex and I had immediate chemistry, I was hesitant to get involved with him because I didn’t think I could handle the responsibility of raising two children. However, the more I got to know Alex, the more I fell in love with him, and the more I wanted to be a part of every aspect of his life. Consequently, the deeper I fell in love with Alex and his children, the more my priorities in life changed. Even so, Alex assured me that even with two children, we would still live our lives to the fullest.”

Soon after the start of their relationship the global pandemic began. Instead of adventuring, as healthcare professionals Abigail and Alex were forced to navigate an unknown virus, caring for COVID patients with no preparation, working long hours, and praying that they didn’t get their loved ones sick. Meanwhile, Abigail was taking on, what she describes as “the hardest role in my life, trying to learn how to be a mother, in quarantine, with no access to resources or support.” She shared with us that she had never felt so isolated before in her entire life. So, Abigail and Alex had to lean on each other more than ever. Through this trial, they learned how strong they are together. During 2020, their love grew stronger and deeper, and they realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, as a family.

Now, their boys love visiting national parks with them—learning all about the plants, animals, geology, and history of these places. They both shared that seeing their boys’ excitement and wonderment makes visiting these places better than ever.

When it came time to plan a wedding at home, they were overwhelmed with the cost, details, and decisions it entailed. Since they were already going to Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks for vacation, they decided to elope instead in the Tetons. Abigail had been before, and told Alex that it was her favorite place in the world. She envisioned saying vows with the view of the mountains towering over them. And it was everything they imagined it would be. She shared that the peace and connection they felt on their wedding day could not be topped— “We are so glad that we chose to profess our vows to each other and our children in the most beautiful place in the world.”

Getting ready:

We met this sweet family at their rental in The Aspens where we took details photos and candids of them getting ready. Since Teton County restricts Airbnb properties, the closest place to stay in an independent rental home/condo is located in Wilson at either the ski resort or at the Aspens. We love this area for its quiet atmosphere and proximity to our favorite cafe/coffee shop in Jackson Hole, Persephone Bakery.

The Aspens has the best of both world—the ability to see a moose outside your window, while also staying close to amenities like coffee, food, and groceries.


Alex waited at the ceremony spot at Snake River Overlook with their boys, Abigail’s mom, and the officiant; and Abigail arrived separately with her dad. Although it wasn’t far, the walk to the their spot felt like an eternity for Abigail due to her excitement and anticipation. When she arrived, Alex turned around and they both cried. All the heartache and trial that led them to this moment was completely overshadowed by their immense love for one another and hope for their future together.

Abigail and Alex chose to have a hand-fasting ceremony using a silk scarf that belonged to her grandmother.


After their ceremony and a few family photos, we made our way to Elk Flats turnout where they enjoyed a celebratory champagne.

We continued down the road and stopped at Oxbow Bend, a scenic viewpoint on the Snake River. This was our favorite stop during our tour with Abigail and Alex. The sun was in just the right position to make the river glow and paint the grass gold. Witnessing Mount Moran’s soft reflection on the water, and Abigail and Alex basking in the early summer glimmer, stopped us in our tracks. We stood back in awe.

Our final photo location was at the Cathedral Group Turnout. Abigail specifically requested a scene where it looks like the road fades into the mountains, and this turnout is one of our favorite settings for this very reason. By this time, it was blue hour (meaning the sun had already set behind the mountains, so the light was soft and falls on everything with a blue/purple color). These moments felt touched by the divine. While surrounded by yellow wildflowers scattered in between sweet smelling sage brush, we watched the snow blanketed Tetons say goodnight to the plains.


Ceremony Location:Grand Teton National Park//Officiant: Timberline Weddings//Floral Designer: JH Flower Boutique//Dress Designer:Lillian West//Dress Store:Adrienne’s Bridal Salon//Makeup Artist: Tanya Crocker//Photographer: Eastlyn & Joshua//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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