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10 Essential Questions to Ask When Touring Wedding Venues

By Rebecca Barnes, Publisher of Brides & Weddings

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Touring a venue is an exciting part of the wedding planning process but can also be overwhelming. With so many options, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and the questions you need to ask before making a decision. Here are some tips to help you navigate your venue tour:

Schedule the tour in advance

Schedule the venue tour in advance to ensure it meets all of your needs. Be sure to see if the venue is available on your desired date.

Take note of the venue’s location 

Consider the venue’s location and whether it’s easily accessible for your guests. Also, think about the availability of parking and transportation options.

Consider the size of the venue

Ensure that the venue accommodates the number of guests you invite. Check if the venue has a minimum or maximum guest count.

Take note of the venue’s layout

Consider the layout of the venue and whether it fits your wedding style. For instance, if you want a dance floor, ensure that the venue has enough space for it.

Ask about catering and bar services

If the venue offers catering and bar services, ask about their menu options, pricing, and whether they can accommodate dietary restrictions.

Inquire about the venue’s restrictions

Ask if there are any restrictions or limitations on decor, music, or any other aspect of the wedding.

Consider the venue’s amenities

Check if the venue has amenities such as restrooms, bridal suite, and a kitchen for catering.

Ask about the venue’s policies

Ask about the venue’s policies on deposits, cancellations, and refunds. Also, inquire about the availability of liability insurance.

Inquire about vendor restrictions

Check if the venue has any vendor restrictions or preferred vendor lists.

Take note of the venue’s price 

Finally, inquire about the venue’s pricing, packages, and payment options. Also, ask if there are any additional fees or charges.

Touring a venue is an essential part of the wedding planning process. It’s important to ask the right questions and consider all the necessary factors before making a decision. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose the perfect venue for your special day.

Rebecca Barnes is the publisher of Brides & Weddings, the trusted local wedding planning guide for more than 25 years. Rebecca is passionate about helping couples plan their dream weddings. Schedule a complimentary wedding planning consultation, call with Rebecca today. 


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