Keary and Rustin’s Ethereal Elopement at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Captured & submitted by Eastlyn & Joshua


Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in nature’s tranquility. For Keary and Rustin, this meant choosing Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for their elopement. As city dwellers, Keary and Rustin are used to the fast-paced lifestyle that accompanies urban living. However, as they approached their wedding day, they realized that they wanted a change of scenery for their special day. They craved a tranquil, natural environment that would allow them to escape the chaos of everyday life.

This led them to choose Redwood National Park, a place where majestic trees towered over them and the sounds of nature replaced the noise of the city. Years before, Rustin had brought Keary here when she was facing one of the greatest challenges of her life. This place brought her peace and comfort. So bringing it full circle, their elopement also served as a celebration of Keary’s life after overcoming a life-threatening illness. The power of nature in healing cannot be overstated, this couple found solace among the towering trees while discovering the symbolism of nature in Keary’s journey. The towering trees represented strength and resilience, while the gentle streams symbolized the ebb and flow of life.

The restorative power of nature has been well-documented, and for Keary, it was a vital element in her journey. Redwood National Park spoke to Keary in a language that only nature could understand. As she walked amongst the towering trees, she couldn’t help but see parallels between her own journey and that of the forest. Life, like the forest, is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. But it is also marked by a resilience, a strength that allows us to endure and grow.

For Keary, her relationship with Rustin was an embodiment of the forest’s spirit. Like the trees that towered above them, their love had grown and evolved over time. It was a reflection of the beauty and majesty of nature, and of the transformative power of love. As they exchanged their vows beneath the canopy, they were reminded of the strength that comes from weathering life’s challenges, and the beauty that emerges from the ebb and flow of our experiences.


Pets have always been an important part of people’s lives, and it’s no surprise that they’re now being included in special occasions like weddings. That’s where Keary and Rustin’s beloved Mister Meatloaf comes in. Who is Mister Meatloaf, you ask? Only the cutest pug in a dress shirt you will ever lay eyes on. Later, we will dive into the story behind the importance of this lovable furry friend’s presence their elopement, but for now we will show how he stole the show with his charm.

There’s no denying that Mister Meatloaf was the star of the show at Keary and Rustin’s wedding. From the moment we met this trio, it was clear he was going to be the center of attention. With every wag of his tail and puppy dog eyes, Mister Meatloaf had everyone under his spell.

But it wasn’t just his adorable appearance that stole the show. It was the bond between him and Keary and Rustin that shone through. As they did a “first look” at Ashland Spring Hotel, Mister Meatloaf was right by their side, wagging his tail in approval. It was a heartwarming reminder that pets truly are a part of the family and deserve to be included in life’s special moments.

Mister Meatloaf’s presence at Keary and Rustin’s wedding was more than just a cute addition to the guest list. It reflected the love and connection between him and his owners. And that bond is truly something special.


Shoes: Randall Loeffler//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Spier & Mackay//Apparel: rororiri//Other: Susan Alexandra//Ceremony Location: Redwood National and State Parks//Event Venue: Ashland Springs Hotel//Cinema and Video: Eastlyn & Joshua, LLC//Photographer: Eastlyn & Joshua//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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