A Pretty Path of Petals

By Lisa Beth Miller

One of the most beautiful and natural ways to add color and drama to a wedding ceremony is to incorporate a flower petal aisle runner. Although most churches have a clearly defined center aisle for the bride’s traditional entrance, other locations may lack this structured path.

Fabric runners, usually in white or ivory, were the norm for many decades, but creative brides and planners have upped the ante in recent years. Runners are no longer limited to simple fabric edged with flower petals or candles. The option to create an artistic statement with colorful flower petals is now trendy for all types of weddings: from bohemian to traditional.

How to make this beautiful idea a reality? If your wedding is planned for outdoors, make sure it is not during a windy season! Also check with your venue to be sure that a flower petal runner is allowed. Your florist or planner may need to access the area a few hours earlier than normal to create the runner, so be sure to mention this to your venue coordinator.

Once you have cleared this idea with your venue coordinator, chat with your florist about this option. Many florists are experienced in creating flower petal runners, but others recruit assistants or even wedding planners to help create this dramatic touch. Be sure to consider your wedding color scheme as well as the color of the floor or ground upon which the path will be created. White flower petals may not sound dramatic, but actually create a visual pop when placed on bright, fresh, green spring grass.

Remember, that even the most meticulously created flower paths will become displaced as the bride walks down the aisle. This will not take away from the natural beauty and dramatic effect of the flower petal aisle runner.


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