Incorporating Your Mother’s Wedding Gown into Your Day

By Lisa Beth Miller

Moms play a critical role in the preparations for most weddings. Some brides decide to honor their mothers by actually wearing her gown. Others decide that this isn’t the best fashion decision, but still want to pay tribute to the family history contained within the fabric of Mom’s vintage gown.

So how else can you incorporate the gown, other than by wearing it?

One idea is to obtain a small piece of the gown to wrap around the flower stems in the bridal bouquet. This way, a small piece of Mom’s wedding is with the bride throughout the entire ceremony. For an inspiring extra-sentimental touch, a small wedding picture that features the gown may be attached.

If your Mom’s or in-law’s wedding gown was beautiful and ornate, but just not right for you in terms of size or style, you could choose to display the gown as part of your wedding day décor. Whether on dress forms or fancy hangers, these gowns could add a retro conversation piece to your selected venue. Brides who love fashion, history, or both may enjoy this creative idea.

If Mom took the time to preserve her wedding gown for her beloved daughter, she will most likely be ecstatic about her gown being incorporated into her child’s wedding!

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