Library Love: Allowing Your Love of Books to Inspire Your Wedding Style

By Lisa Beth Miller

OK, I admit it. Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with books and libraries… oh, and also weddings!

So when I saw the first Sex And The City movie, I was super-excited when Carrie brilliantly decided to host her wedding at the New York Public Library! Though this movie came out years ago, the library wedding concept has quietly been gaining momentum.

Here are some fun ideas to help you to develop this trendy and intellectual theme.

  1. Maybe booking an actual library as your venue is not an option. That’s OK- just do some (or all) of your engagement pictures surrounded by books! A classic library setting is ideal, but any type of bookshelf background can be just as effective.
  1. Have you seen library date-card inspired save the dates? For those who do not remember, these are modeled after the date cards that are in the little pocket in the backs of library books. This idea is simply brilliant! You could also style your actual invitations in this style if you wish.
  1. Don’t be afraid to make books a part of your table centerpieces! Instead of just numbering your tables, you could also give each table a fun book title!
  1. Create upscale bookmarks as your wedding favors.
  1. Use a book motif for the groom’s cake to add another literary focal point.
  1. Create a bookshelf “trellis” for your actual ceremony.
  1. Prior to the wedding, have a book-themed shower. Register for books that you and your fiancé would love to add to your library!
  1. Use books as your thank you gifts to members of the wedding party.
  1. Use classical literature as your inspiration for wedding vows, program text, toasts, etc. The possibilities here are as endless as the rows of bookshelves in a library!


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