Kacy and James’s Rustic Ranch Wedding in Murrieta

Captured & submitted by Leia Caldwell Photography


Kacy and James got engaged on February 19th of 2022 at Leoness Winery in Temecula. Since they started dating in high school Kacy and James agreed that this year or next was going to be the correct timing to start their life together as a married couple. With that being said they drove down to Temecula where it was posed as just a “day trip with some friends” who are now their best man and matron of honor respectively.

To make the trip not seem too suspicious, they went to a winery before hand that was much more romantic in Kacy’s mind because of the beautiful lake and scenery but it really had no connection to them. Once they got to Leoness, they had a few glasses of wine and were just enjoying their time together as a group and unfortunately the patio he had originally planned to propose on was occupied; so James went about scouting the property.

As luck would have it; he stumbled upon a beautiful rose covered fixture that was being set up for another engagement happening later in the evening. After speaking with the person setting up the fixture; she allowed James to use it as long as he was out of their way in the next hour or so. So he convinced Kacy, under the veil that there was a secondary wine bar upstairs, which got her to follow him up. When they got upstairs, she didn’t even recognize the fixture and cameras set up because she was focused on the secondary wine bar. Her first words being “Wait where’s the bar,” to which he had to admit that he lied to her and after saying her full name she understood what was happening.

And the rest is history.


Event Venue:Hawk Ranch//Photographer: Leia Caldwell Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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