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Page and Thomas’s Non-Traditional Texas Forest Wedding

Captured & submitted by Nathan & Zoey Photography


You are missing out if you haven’t experienced a Trinity River Audubon Center Wedding. Have you ever met someone who instantly became your friend? If you have, you know how rare and elevating it is when this happens. This is the exact feeling Zoey and I got when we met Thomas and Page – and it only took 30 minutes for the two of us to decide they were the exact couple we wanted to celebrate with. Well, as it turns out, they felt the same. Because it wasn’t long after they decided to have a Trinity River Audubon Center wedding, they reached out and asked us to be their photographers. #blessed


Based on photos alone, someone might think that this venue is out in the middle of a forest – but it’s actually much more accessible than you may realize to reach this Dallas wedding venue! To have a Trinity River Audubon Center wedding, it’s only a 10-mile drive away from Downtown Dallas.

Designed by Antoine Predock, this award-winning architecture features large windows that invite natural light, multiple indoor and outdoor ceremony locations, and access to multiple paths to enjoy the nature it is nestled in. This is easily one of my and Zoey’s favorite outdoor wedding venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


If there is anything to be said about Page and Thomas, it is that they are incredibly original and truly “go with the flow.” I think the best event that happened on their wedding day is when Page accidentally stepped THROUGH her veil and it didn’t even phase her! She just shrugged it off and went about the day.


What isn’t memorable about Page and Thomas’s wedding? I immediately think of Page getting dressed at their apartment and how we were able to incorporate her own plants into the detail photographs.

Then I think of how instead of following the old wedding tradition of her father walking her down the aisle, Page and Thomas walked each other down. Then there was the cake – or the lack-thereof! Instead of having a wedding cake, they had pies made from Emporium Pies – a local bakery in Dallas. It really was such a unique experience to enjoy their wedding with them and is a masterclass of incorporating traditional wedding elements in a non-traditional way.

I know Zoey and I were Page and Thomas’s wedding photographers, so we played at least a role in capturing the life of their wedding day. Yet, it is so rewarding to know that, in some part, we played a major role in how lively and free the day was. Because of how large the Trinity River Audubon Center is, it takes careful planning to design a wedding day timeline that allows for that freedom. That’s why it was so important to Zoey and me to go out to dinner with Page and Thomas and make this timeline


Makeup Artist: Brite Beauty//Floral Designer: The Floral Eclectic//Bakery: Emporium Pies//Lighting:Le Force Entertainment//DJ:Le Force Entertainment//Event Venue: Trinity River Audubon Center//Photographer: Nathan & Zoey Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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