Ellie and Joshua’s Oceanfront Destination Wedding in Dana Point

Captured & submitted by Ana Carter Photography


On a beautiful hot summer day, in Gilbert Arizona, Ellie and Josh met with me at the Coffee Shop in Agritopia in Gilbert, Arizona. They both sat across the table from me smiling as they sipped their delicious iced coffees. Their bright smiles were an indication of how much they were in love and I could tell they were so excited to tell me their love story! Ellie and Josh shared that they were both born and raised in the same city in California and they just so happened to meet 700 miles away, here in Arizona! They met in College while both serving in a ministry called Christian Challenge at Arizona State University. They had become friends and they had bonded over their shared their love for helping people. Their big hearts and compassion for others had allowed them to form a deep bond. Josh elaborated that he was finishing up nursing school while Ellie was finishing her degree in Journalism. They were both ready to get married and start their lives together..

Ellie had always dreamed of getting married on the beach and because California is where they grew up, they were absolutely sure they wanted their wedding there. After our meeting, we began planning their beautiful wedding that would take place in Dana Park, California. Come their wedding day, Ellie was radiant and wore a stunning dress and smile! Likewise, Josh wore the biggest smile as they were both beyond ready to marry each other. Throughout the ceremony, Ellie and Josh held hands while they constantly gazed into each others eyes and shared how thankful they were to have met.


Other Location: Dana Point Harbor//Photographer: Ana Carter Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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