Shannon and Caleb’s Joyous Fall Wedding in New Jersey

Captured & submitted by Timothy Anderson Jr Photography


In a serendipitous encounter that unfolded amidst laughter and spontaneity, Shannon and Caleb’s love story began when their paths intertwined at a cozy bar. With a smooth charm that was impossible to resist, Caleb orchestrated a secret ‘parent trap’ hand shake that ignited a connection and set the stage for an extraordinary journey. Their wedding day, set against the historic backdrop of Waterloo Village, embraced the enchanting essence of fall. Amidst the vibrant foliage and the rustic allure, their celebration unfolded with an abundance of joy, love, and moments that will forever be etched in memory. Against this idyllic backdrop, guests mingled with adorable alpacas, ¬†reveled in unique photo opportunities, capturing the essence of this extraordinary day, while the lively melodies of live music beckoned everyone to dance like nothing you’ve seen before. Shannon and Caleb’s wedding was a testament to embracing life’s adventures, creating cherished memories, and reveling in the magic of a love story that is as fun and captivating as they are.


Caterer: JAM Catering//Dress Store:Abigail Bride//Event Venue: Waterloo Village//Cinema and Video: Timothy Anderson Jr Photography//Photographer: Timothy Anderson Jr Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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