Anais and Aaron’s Elegant Wedding at The Baltimore Museum of Art

Captured by Fransorm photography
Submitted by Love Clark Events


The timeless and elegant wedding of Aaron and Anais. The couple’s love story, The love story began on a fateful evening on U St in Washington, DC. Mesmerized by her beauty, Aaron was instantly drawn to Anais’s charm. Despite her imminent departure for a trip to Europe the following day, their connection ignited, and they spent that magical night engaged in deep conversations. Little did they know that their encounter would spark a love that transcended distance and time.

Anais and Aaron shared a vision of a wedding that would effortlessly blend modernity, classic elegance, and timeless beauty. In their quest for the perfect venue, they found their match in the Baltimore Museum of Art. This exquisite location not only boasted sophistication and grandeur but also offered captivating art structures, enchanting hanging lights, and stunning art galleries enveloping both the ceremony and reception spaces. As guests arrived at the Baltimore Museum of Art, they were greeted by the museum’s impressive architecture, a testament to refined artistic taste.

Their ceremony was designed to feel simplistic but yet elegant, while including gold mirror pedestals measured at different heights topped with full bloom arrangements into a dreamlike scene. The aisle complemented by greenery accents with pillar candles line the aisle, casting a warm glow upon the path leading to their altar design with lush greenery and delicate blooms, serving as the backdrop for Aaron and Anais to exchange their vows.

Their reception was bathed in a soft, golden glow, casting a warm and inviting atmosphere. Tables draped in crisp white linens and blush napkins, adorned with elegant centerpieces. Golden rim glass chargers,  floating candles that flicker with a soft light, creating an intimate ambiance. The floral centerpieces, mirroring the ceremony arrangements, feature delicate roses and soft touches of greenery artfully arranged in golden vases.

The wedding party was attired in formal wear, complementing the classic and refined theme of the day. The bridesmaids in flowing elegant blush-colored gowns, while the groomsmen wore black tailored tuxedos. Aaron and Anais, made their entrance in a stunning white gown and a modern black tuxedo, respectively, radiating joy and love as they take their first steps as a married couple!

Aaron and Anais’s love story, from that fateful birthday night to building a home together, is a testament to their unwavering connection. Their wedding day, a love story of a timeless design, reflects the depth of their love and the beginning of a new chapter filled with countless cherished moments.


Event Venue: The Baltimore Museum of Art//Event Planner: Love Clark Events//Photographer: Fransorm photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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