Abby and Parker’s Dreamy Chicago Wedding

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Abby and Parker’s love story blossomed through college and culminated in a romantic proposal in their favorite city, Chicago. Their wedding day was filled with heartfelt moments, timeless elegance, and a touch of glamour. Join us as we take a closer look at their beautiful journey, from the unforgettable proposal to a dreamy Chicago wedding day and their exciting plans for married life.

A Snowy Surprise

Parker booked a trip to Abby’s favorite city, Chicago, during Presidents Day weekend. Despite a snowstorm disrupting their plans, Parker’s determination to reach their destination was a sign of something special to come. Unbeknownst to Abby, he had a surprise waiting for her.

Unexpectedly, Parker mentioned a reservation at a bar before their dinner at London House, raising Abby’s curiosity. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of an incredible evening. As they arrived at London House, the breathtaking setup with champagne and flowers finally revealed Parker’s intentions. He got down on one knee and asked Abby to spend the rest of her life with him. She joyfully said, “Yes!”. They celebrated with a romantic photoshoot and continued the festivities with appetizers and drinks at the London Tower rooftop.

The “One”

Abby knew Parker was the one when she decided to transfer to John Carroll University to be with him. Despite her initial reservations about attending the same school, their time apart during a semester away made their bond stronger. College provided them with an opportunity to grow together, experiencing new adventures and milestones side by side. Their unwavering support for each other throughout their journey reinforced Abby’s belief that Parker was her perfect partner in life.

A Dream Come True

From an early age, Abby dreamt of visiting Kleinfeld Bridal in New York. She had always loved the show “Say Yes to the Dress.” When the time came to choose her wedding gown, there was no doubt where she would go. Accompanied by her mom, mother-in-law, sister, and grandma-in-law, Abby embarked on an unforgettable dress shopping experience. Having explored styles at David’s Bridal beforehand, Abby had a clear vision in mind. She sought a dress that would make her feel like a princess and stand the test of time. After trying on several options, Abby narrowed it down to two choices—one trendy and the other classic. Ultimately, she chose the classic gown, which she had admired from the start, for its timeless beauty. Abby also had a second dress for the evening. It was a perfect party dress from Sherri Hill, which added an extra touch of glamour to the celebration.

The Wedding Day

Abby and Parker decided to spend the night together before their wedding day since they already lived together. They believed that waking up on the day of their wedding together would create an even more profound connection. They also opted for a first look before the ceremony to ensure ample time for photographs. This choice proved to be a brilliant decision, allowing them to capture cherished moments and navigate their schedule with ease. Abby envisioned a classic wedding with black, white, and gold accents. The floral arrangements consisted of all-white flowers with hints of greenery, adding a touch of natural beauty. The decor perfectly balanced glamour and sophistication. At the head table, cascading flowers created a breathtaking backdrop. The dance floor featured flowers with interwoven string lights, providing a captivating ambiance. Hayden Groove, a talented singer from Cleveland, serenaded guests during the early evening. He was followed by a seamless transition to a DJ set accompanied by a live violinist and drummer. The combination of live music and DJ beats delighted the crowd, making it an unforgettable celebration for all.

The Next Chapter

After a dreamy Chicago wedding, Abby and Parker decided to take a break before embarking to Bora Bora. Two weeks of relaxation and exploration await them as they plan to stay at the luxurious Four Seasons and The St. Regis resorts. They look forward to building a life filled with shared experiences and travel. Having already journeyed together extensively for their wedding, they are eager to discover new destinations and create lifelong memories.

The Perfect Love Story

Abby and Parker’s Chicago wedding was a testament to their enduring love and their shared vision of a timeless, elegant celebration. From the snowy proposal in their favorite city to their magical wedding day, every detail was thoughtfully crafted to create lasting memories. As they embark on their married life, Abby and Parker are filled with excitement and a deep appreciation for the adventures that lie ahead.


Event Venue: London House Chicago//Floral Designer: Taylor and Company//Makeup Artist:Debbie Petrielli//Hair Stylist:Debbie Petrielli//Photographer: Lauren Ashley Studios//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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