Alicia and Andrew’s Snowy Summer Elopement in Colorado

Captured & submitted by Vows and Peaks


For their epic elopement adventure, they had originally planned an ambitious 8+ mile round trip hike in the majestic San Juan mountains. But, oh no! Three months before the big day, Alicia tore her calf muscle, throwing a wild twist into their plans. Talk about a curveball! Yet, against all odds, they managed to turn it around and make it absolutely amazing. How, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

With the mountains still covered in a fluffy white blanket of snow, most hiking trails were off-limits. So, our intrepid couple decided to kick it into high gear and go off-roading in search of hidden gems to say their “I do’s.” And boy, did they hit the jackpot!

The day started with Alicia bouncing out of bed at a ridiculously early 2:30AM. Why so early, you wonder? Well, Crystal, armed with her magical skills, ready to transform Alicia’s hair and makeup into pure bridal perfection. By 4:30AM, they were revving up their trusty Jeep, all set to explore the secret spots that Sean and Tony had scouted under the moonlit sky. Talk about a dream team!

Honestly, Alicia and Andrew didn’t have a fixed blueprint for how their elopement extravaganza should unfold. Nope, they were all about trusting the experience to unfold without expectations.

As the sun peeked over the horizon near Silverton, bathing everything in a golden glow, they shared their first look. Snow-capped peaks stood tall, creating a jaw-dropping backdrop for their love-filled moment. Goosebumps, anyone? Then, they sealed their forever promises at a nearby spot, standing proudly on a carpet of packed snow. Talk about a frosty fairytale!

But the adventure didn’t stop there. Oh no, they cranked up the fun-o-meter and headed to a partially frozen lake. With their trusty custom-made shot glasses featuring their beloved orange-tabby’s adorable face, they clinked glasses and toasted to their love. Meow-velous! The views were so mind-blowing, they might as well have been in another galaxy. It was pure magic!

After indulging in hours of nature’s breathtaking beauty and reveling in their own little world, untouched by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they made their way back to town. And guess what? They gathered for a well-deserved cup of steaming hot coffee with the incredible crew of vendors—Sean, Tony, Holden, and Crystal—who had pulled off this unforgettable elopement extravaganza. They weren’t just vendors anymore; they had become lifelong friends, part of their journey.


Floral Designer: Little Bucket of Flowers//Ring Designer: Love Locked//Fashion Designer: Indochino//Dress Store: Blue Bridal//Equipment Rentals:Blue Bridals//Veils and headpieces:BlancaVeils//Dress Designer: Calla Blanche//Cinema and Video:Backcountry Vows//Makeup Artist: Wild Brides Backcountry//Photographer: Vows and Peaks//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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