Ciara and Sean’s Southern Oregon Elopement on the Coast

Captured & submitted by Sierra Jessup Photography


This gorgeous Oregon Coast elopement was one of my first for the 2023 season and it was the perfect way to get my PNW elopement season started! C & S started their elopement at a gorgeous airbnb overlooking the coast! They even had a private pathway down to the beach below the airbnb. They decided to get ready together, which is always a fun way to do it, when you’re having a “just us” elopement. After getting ready we went to a beautiful Redwood forest trail that these two have hiked before! Actually every location that we went to was a spot that C & S visited on the trip they decided they wanted to get married on! They actually said “what if we explored that Redwoods trail and then got married at the coast on this rock?” before they were even engaged! And they did exactly that! Most redwoods trails are actually in California, but this one is actually still in Oregon, so it was nice to have to travel as far. It also happens to be way less “known” and popular, so we only saw one other car there! They practically had the entire place to themselves! To add to our luck, there was a slight drizzle when we first arrived, but by the time we started hiking, the rain stopped! The overcast weather made for beautiful light in the forest too. It was truly the perfect conditions.


Other Location:Oregon Coast//Photographer: Sierra Jessup Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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