Giselle and Franco’s Wedding Portraits in Alexandria

Captured & submitted by Victoria Neill Photography


Discover the heartwarming love story of Giselle and Franco, who tied the knot earlier this year in Columbia and wanted to capture their affection through portraits at The Carlyle House Historic Park in Alexandria, VA.

These enchanting snapshots capture the essence of their love, with the park’s historic charm adding a touch of magic. Against the backdrop of beautiful gardens and timeless architecture, Giselle and Franco’s genuine connection shines through in every frame.

The photos are like a beautiful love song, telling the tale of their journey together. Laughter, stolen glances, and tender moments make this collection truly special.

Join us in celebrating their endless affection, as Giselle and Franco’s love blooms in this picturesque setting, forever preserved in these stunning portraits.


Event Venue: Carlyle House Historic Park//Photographer: Victoria Neill Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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