Courtney and William’s Elegant Vintage Wedding at the Powel Crosley Estate

Captured by Samantha Brown Artistry
Submitted by Precious Moments Events LLC


Our story begins with Courtney and Will, a pair as timeless as the estate itself. They were childhood sweethearts, and their love had blossomed over the years, resonating with the timeless elegance of the grand estate they chose for their vows.

Courtney, the bride, envisioned a wedding that exuded an elegant vintage vibe, harmoniously combined with a touch of modern romantic luxury. The Powel Crosley Estate, known for its exquisite Mediterranean Revival architecture and mesmerizing waterfront views, perfectly encapsulated her dream.

The ceremony unfolded in the estate’s opulent circular driveway, under a magnificent arch adorned with verdant greenery and pristine white roses. The aisle, a verdant runway punctuated with more white roses, led to this grand spectacle. Against the serene backdrop of the picturesque bay, they exchanged their vows, their love as vast, tranquil, and everlasting as the view itself.

The reception unfolded on the Bayside Lawn, a harmonious fusion of historical charm and contemporary elegance. Vintage furnishings, rich fabrics, and modern lighting, including strategically placed disco balls, crafted a vibrant atmosphere against the estate’s picturesque waterfront backdrop. The color palette was an enchanting blend of bright pink, blush, orange, and gold. Centerpieces brimming with springtime hues, bathed in soft candlelight, reflected Courtney’s affection for Florida’s spring glow.

The culinary journey of the night was truly memorable. With Chicken Athena and Filet of Sirloin as their main entrees – a nod to the couple’s shared preferences – it was a dining experience that guests will rave about for years to come.

As twilight descended, the estate was transformed into a celestial wonderland, illuminated by twinkling fairy lights and the dazzling reflections of the disco balls. Under this starlit canopy, the couple swayed to their favorite tune, a magical moment etched in every guest’s memory..

The couple also introduced a unique touch, a photobooth set against a greenery wall, designed by Precious Moments Events. Adding a luxurious couch set, they created an Instagram-worthy corner that beautifully echoed their chosen aesthetic.

Their wedding was a celebration of two souls that had grown together, a perfectly orchestrated blend of past, present, and future. The Powel Crosley Estate lent its timeless charm to their special day, making it a wedding that none of the guests would ever forget. And as for me, the honor of weaving together the threads of their love story in such an enchanting location was truly unforgettable.

Courtney and Will’s wedding was a heartfelt tribute to their shared journey, a harmonious fusion of their past, present, and future. The Powel Crosley Estate lent its timeless charm to the proceedings, making their special day an unforgettable one for every guest. For me, the honor of crafting their unique love story in such a mesmerizing setting was a truly unforgettable experience.

In the end, Courtney and Will’s wedding was more than just an event; it was a testament to their love, a story beautifully told within the historic walls of the Powel Crosley Estate. It was a tale I was privileged to help write, an experience that underscored why I choose to be a wedding planner: to turn dreams into memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Caterer: Simply Gourmet by Metz//Floral Designer: Design By Schell//Lighting: Palacios Events//Linens and Coverings: Connie Duglin//Cake Designer: Julie Deffense Artistry//Event Venue:Powel Crosley Estate//DJ:Celebrations 24//Event Designer: Precious Moments Events LLC//Photographer: Samantha Brown Artistry//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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