Rae and Alex’s Hiking Elopement

Captured & submitted by Out West Elopements


This is a story of are and Dilli. They met years ago and stayed friends for 5 years. They both were going through different relationships and life events before one day Rae realized the man she loves stands by here side all the time. That was Dilli. She moved to Jackson Hole to live more  meaningful and outdoorsy lifestyle and soon he joined her to be with her. They always wanted to do a hiking elopement to this lake, which was their first hike together. Unfortunately they couldn’t find a photographer who would be willing to hike with them and were afraid the families may not approve so they decided to plan for a small wedding in the summer of 2024. Then one day when Rae contacted me the photographer I suggested the exact same hike they had envisioned. We started at 4am to make it to this beautiful lake at sunrise. This hiking elopement was everything they envisioned and therefore they decided to cancel their wedding.


Location:Grand Teton National Park//Photographer: Out West Elopements//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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