Esther and Eduardo’s Wedding at St. Vincent de Paul’s Church

Captured & submitted by Stephanie Lang Photography


They met a few years ago and took the same train. She moved 3 blocks south of him so she would take the same train. On the 4th of July he noticed her hair and blue dress – he noticed she was new because he lived there his whole life. Time passed and he recognized her and would say hi. Finally one day he approached her finally and she asked him for his #. 3 months later he took her to Mexico with him on a family trip and met his family out there. They then got promise rings and fell in love. A year after they met he proposed to her in Vermont on August 17th 2020 in Vermont. They were on a roadtrip camping around and in Vermont he stopped to visit her grandma. He was wearing a GoPro on his forehead when he proposed to record her. HAHA.

He invited her to Labor Day party and at the party he told her that he was making a mural. He is a painter. One day he was priming the wall – he is a muralist in Pilsen. He invited her to help him and she didn’t respond because she forgot + was busy working (She does commercial photography). But eventually she checked her phone said she would help him so that was a project that they worked on.

Favorite thing about each other:


They are little big kids. She’s so courageous. She’s not shy, without knowing Spanish she got on stage and sang karaoke to his Spanish family in Mexico. She is a free spirit. They love their silly dance. She brings out the best side of him. She brought things out of him that he hasn’t noticed in decades – specifically being goofy. He forgot about how goofy he used to be, but with her that comes out.


He’s so silly. He had a childlike sense of humor and she loves that. He makes fun voices and a happy dance that she LOVES. It keeps their relationship so fun and fresh.


Other Location: St. Vincent de Paul//Photographer: Stephanie Lang Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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