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Eric & Jewel’s Wedding Day at Sweeney Barn

Sweeney Barn Eric & Jewel

Story and photos provided by Wedding Stories by Tania

“It was fall 2017 and I (Jewel) moved in on campus at George Mason University for my freshmen year. I met Eric on campus as he was finishing his last year at Mason as well! He showed me around campus and told me where some of my classes would be held. He wasn’t very talkative. He was very nervous, so I did most of the talking. At the end of the day he was so nervous I had to tell him “it’s okay if you wanna hug me”. When we parted, we both knew we wanted to see each other again. That first week we started hanging out almost every day on campus. Then following week, he asked me to come over his house to watch Disney movies and meet his parents. That night he called me his girlfriend. We’ve been together 6 years since.

“We got engaged December of 2019. Eric was actually going to surprise me with a special night but he got a nasty cold so we couldn’t go out. So, we stayed at our apartment at the time eating chick-fil-a and watching movies. We were laying on the couch and I was telling Eric how much I love him and how happy he makes me and all of the sudden, Eric runs in the bedroom and brings out the ring he bought me. Gets down on one knee in his raspy voice telling me how much he loves and how happy I make him and asks me to marry him! Right there in our living room! It couldn’t have been better.” – Jewel Willard

From that story onto their wedding day: Jewel and Eric got married at Sweeney Barn on a gorgeous sunny mid- spring day.  The day felt romantic and sweet as Eric came in with the fellas followed by Jewel with her bride squad as Lisa Cox of Sweeney Barn ushered them indoors. Everything was falling in place with their wedding timeline that they put together with their wedding planning team at White Dress Black Tie Events.

Eric & Jewel

Eric and Jewel’s desire was to have a stress free and fun wedding day, and their day happened just as they had envisioned. Their family and friends were important to them, so that was the photography priority, with lots of candid and definitely wedding and family portraits. Their wedding decor was adorned with fresh spring toned floral arrangements created by Flor de Casa Designs, including a gorgeous cascading draping along their classic three-tier cake made by Sunday Rose Cakes and centerpieces on the dinner tables served buffet style by Pampa’s Fox Catering.

Sweeney Barn Weddings

While no two Sweeney Barn weddings have ever been the same for the weddings and events photography and video team at Wedding Stories By Tania, there are some things they have come to expect. Jewel and Eric’s wedding was what photographers call a “timeless and classic wedding.” You can take any image from their wedding and take it into the future and it will look like the wedding just took place – that is a definition of timeless. Classic is the style that accessorizes the wedding day from the wedding cake to Jewel’s darling romantic wedding dress from Sage Bridal and Eric’s timeless three-piece suit from Men’s Warehouse.  Jewel and Eric wrapped up their wedding day with a laser light dancing for several minutes bringing it home by their very entertaining Bialek Music that was so epic to photograph!

Eric & Jewel

“From my first chat with Jewel to photographing her and Eric for their engagement session at Green Spring Gardens to photographing on their wedding day and finally delivering their wedding album over the summer, I have been in love with the time spent with this really joyful and relaxed couple,” said Tania Hossain of Wedding Stories by Tania. “I wanted to share their wedding story to let you know that weddings can be low stress and high fun.

“Have a great time planning your wedding day! Oh, and if you are looking for your storytelling wedding photographer, please reach out. We love photographing and creating videos of wedding stories. With much love, Tania.”

Wedding Stories By Tania is the award-winning wedding portfolio of Tania Hossain Photography, where your wedding is their focus.  

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