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Alison and Nash’s ‘Lover’ Inspired Wedding at Historic Estate

Captured & submitted by Madi Pere Photography


A mere three weeks before Nash and Alison’s eagerly anticipated wedding, a heart-stopping incident shook their world. Nash, who was out enjoying his bachelor trip on a UTV adventure, suddenly found himself in a life-threatening situation. As he grappled with the gravity of the moment, his groomsmen sprung into action, providing critical medical attention while waiting for professional help to arrive. Their quick thinking and heroics were nothing short of extraordinary as they worked to save Nash, dealing with an accident that came perilously close to severing an artery in his arm. Following a nerve-wracking six-hour surgery and some intense days in critical condition at the hospital, Nash finally received the all-clear to leave.

Understandably, emotions ran exceptionally high on the day of the wedding. The blend of anticipation for their impending nuptials and the recent ordeal brought tears to many eyes throughout the day. Nash and Alison’s journey had begun back in 2015 during their freshman year of college, forging deep connections and making their union even more special.

For the venue, they settled on Strong Mansion, nestled on the slopes of Sugarloaf Mountain, which oozed romance and dreaminess. Alison had been envisioning a Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ theme for ages, and it was the perfect backdrop. The entire place was adorned with a charming palette of purples and sage green, creating an ethereal atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated the desired look and feel.


DJ:District Remix//Event Planner: Modern Social Events//Caterer: Simply Fresh Events//Makeup Artist: Arrow Bella//Ceremony Location: strong mansion//Reception Venue: strong mansion//Photographer: Madi Pere Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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