Surprise Proposal at a hanger

Surprise Proposal in an Airport Hanger Inspired by The Office

Captured & submitted by East River Photographer


Love in Flight

We are still swooning over this surprise proposal that was literally, heavenly!

The Inspiration:

Honesty, everything about this surprise proposal was so well thought out by my client, Fenil. His idea was to best The Office Proposal. If you are a fan, you must remember Michael’s proposal to Holly! As she walks by, their friends ask Holly, “Will you marry me?” She says “No” to everyone. Michael eventually takes Holly to a private room filled with candles. And this, of course activates the sprinkling system. Despite that glitch, Michael, ring in hand, Holly wet and all happy accepts.

Incredibly inspired, Fenil was on a search for an event planner that had everything he needed. The large marquis “Marry Me” letters, the heart-shaped arch and candles and a red runner. He found Emely of Sun Moon Planning. She in turn suggested my services for photography and video. Add a group of supportive friends to help you pop the question, and we had the makings of an epic proposal.

The Proposal Date:

But that wasn’t all he had planned for his gorgeous girlfriend. As if it isn’t enough to being a physician, Fenil’s other passion includes aviation. With numerous flying lessons under his belt, Fenil had contacts that lead him to the aviation- hanger that would allow his dream proposal on site. He hired a pilot to take us flying along NY skies while the event planner decorated the hanger. Dil knew something was happening, but she didn’t know all the juicy details. She agreed to flying even though it terrifies her. During the trip, we flew over Long Island Sound as Dil and Fenil held each other hands. In fact, we went over one of Dil and Fenil’s favorite dating spots, which was cool to see from a bird’s eye view.

I should add that while Fenil did all this planning, Dil didn’t get lost in prepping for this special date. Her asymmetrical vermillion dress complimented her beautiful brown skin and golden highlighted tresses. And of course, those shimmering golden Christian Louboutin stilettos! She looked simply stunning!

The Proposal:

Now, to the actual proposal. As soon as we got off the helicopter, Dil was led to a corner and blindfolded. With the help of her friends, she was lead along the runner as the friends took the turn to ask her “Will you marry me?” She said no to each one all the while all smiles. And at the end of the runner, in front of the huge heart arch and the “MARRY ME” sign, Fenil awaited.

He gave his speech, he knelt and asked. Dil had to take a moment to catch her breath, take a deep gulp, wipe away her tears and say yes. The two just melted into each other’s embrace. Are you weak in the knees yet? The moment sealed with the ring, a kiss, a champagne pop, and friends cheering them on.

And while there were no water sprinkler’s going off, we did have some real-world glitches. The original proposal date had to be changed because of that orange, toxic fumes from the Canadian fires. Additionally, on the day of the original flight time of 1.5 hours was reduced to 45 minutes. Even though it cut the planner’s time in half, and she was informed of the change 15 minutes beforehand, she still made it work and managed to decorate the site wonderfully. It was bold, bright, festive, and beautiful.

Meant to be:

It was so fun to be a part of this proposal and capture Fenil and Dil’s vibe. They are young, hip, sexy, adventurous, and truly kind-hearted that met at a wedding. Fenil shared that Dil caught his eyes during a wedding. He had to ask about her. With the help of mutual friends, they connected. Both in the health field, He  a physician, and she a psychiatric nurse, of course, they were simply meant to be! No doubt, great things await them both as they make their future plans.


Apparel: Christian Louboutin//Location: Heliroutes, LLC//Cinema and Video: New York Wedding Videographers//Event Planner: Sun & Moon Planning LLC.//Photographer: East River Photographer//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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