Catherine and Chelsie’s Miami Destination Wedding

Captured & submitted by Liam Collard Photography



What was going to be a destination wedding in Greece turned out to be a breathtaking affair across the pond… in Miami, U.S.A. Catherine and Chelsie opted for a Miami destination wedding as a way in which to make their big day more ‘family-focused’ (Catherine’s sister lives there).

Luckily for us, these two gorgeous same sex brides invited us along to capture their love, and it was truly magical… almost like something we’ve never experienced. How so? Three words… Trash the Dress (or Rock the Frock)!

This involves brides wearing their magnificent wedding dress whilst in a location that causes a contrast. For example: walking through a muddy field, running into the ocean, or even cutting or destroying the dress. More on that later…


On the day of Catherine and Chelsie’s wedding, the weather was perfect! In the morning, Liam made his way to Chelsie’s Airbnb (and spent a considerable amount of time dazzled by her two adorable dogs), while Stam visited Catherine, whose space was decorated beautifully with a Christmas tree and festive decorations.

During this time, we captured sweet photos of each bride, individually, before their big moment.

Then, it was time for the ceremony. The whole affair exuded an intimate, family-orientated feel with a hint of rustic. The speeches at their reception were so sincere, heartfelt, and fantastic, and it was the perfect moment to snap those candid shot.

After dinner (an incredible Indian meal), the party began, and we got to see some guests really put on a fantastic show. It was a wild and thrilling part of the day, and a great way to end the evening!

Same sex brides outside hugging


Two days after the wedding, we met with Catherine and Chelsie again for their Trash the Dress pics. We followed this stunning pair, who wore super cute matching boots, through the district of Wynwood… an area known for its colourful murals.

We captured some really fun images of Catherine and Chelsie in the midst of some inspired street art. We also took a stroll through a quaint park for some sunset shots, which was simply the cherry on the cake. Just an awesome atmosphere! (And no, Catherine and Chelsie didn’t go as far as to thrash their garments, if that’s what you were wondering!)

Needless to say, we loved every second of this post-wedding shoot not only because it was innovative, but because it took a lot of the pressure off, time wise (as usually wedding photos are taken after the ceremony with guests waiting).

It also gave us the opportunity to capture images that simply wouldn’t be possible on the wedding day itself.

All in all, we had such an eventful and wonderful time with Catherine and Chelsie. We loved their family vibe, their love for each other, and their zest for life, youthful spirit, and creative soul.

It was an absolute pleasure being apart of your wedding day, you two! Thank you for having us!


Photographer: Liam Collard Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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