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Victoria and Jonathan’s Rainy Day Surprise Proposal at Biltmore Estate’s Conservatory

Captured & submitted by Jessica Merithew Photography


Jonathan asked, and Victoria said YES! This rainy day proposal at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC was beautiful, even though the wet weather made us change our plans a bit!

This proposal was originally planned to take place outdoors at Biltmore Estate’s esplanade, however, due to a downpour the morning of the proposal, we quickly switched gears and moved it indoors to Biltmore Estate’s conservatory. Though this wasn’t the initial wish and initial plan, it was one of the most beautiful proposals that I have captured!

What makes this proposal stand out so much? It’s the moments that followed the proposal. Victoria was beyond overjoyed to accept Jonathan’s engagement proposal, which happened to be in a room full of white hydrangeas, which is a very special flower to Victoria. Not only is it her favorite flower, it’s also her grandmother’s favorite flower, which is very near and dear to her. It was such a magical turn of events and goes to show that rainy days bring some pretty cool unplanned opportunities!

I am a big believer that things happen for a reason, and this Asheville proposal photo session is no different. Honestly, what else would have guided us to that beautiful room in the conservatory other than a downpour? Jonathan didn’t even know that white hydrangeas were so incredibly special to Victoria, until that day! Magical, that’s absolutely what it was!

After Jonathan’s incredible engagement proposal at Biltmore, we were able to sneak outside for some photos using umbrellas to keep us dry. I LOVE using umbrellas in photographs on rainy days, and Victoria and Jonathan loved the idea, too! Rainy days give us opportunities for unique photographs that we otherwise would not have had. Whether it’s the use of umbrellas, amazing fog that rolls in, or fully embracing the rain and getting soaked at the end of the session, it’s all a gift that most people don’t get on their photo session days! I also think it’s important to embrace the day that we are given, just the way it is!

Biltmore Estate’s conservatory is always the best back up plan for rainy days, and on this rainy day, it was extra big and magical!


Other Location: Biltmore//Photographer: Jessica Merithew Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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