Allison and Kyle’s October Wedding in the woods at Chapel in the Hollow

Captured & submitted by Star Noir Studio


Allison and Kyle’s October wedding in the woods at Chapel in the Hollow was a beautiful and heartfelt celebration. The chapel was dressed in delicate cream fabric, adorned with fresh florals that added a natural and charming touch to the setting.

Allison, looking radiant, wore a lovely spaghetti strap dress with a medium train and a short veil that added an air of timeless elegance. Kyle looked dashing in his black suit, a perfect match to the sophistication of the day.

Before their ceremony, they shared a sweet first touch moment on either side of the bridal suite door. In this intimate setting, they exchanged heartfelt letters to each other. Tears and emotions flowed as they expressed their love and commitment. Their beloved dog, Goose, played a special role in their love story, having been part of their engagement. It was only fitting that Goose walked down the aisle.

The cake, skillfully crafted by Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop, was a true work of art. It featured a white design with exquisite tree details around the base of each tier. The perfect embodiment of their woodland wedding. Allison brought a multitude of beautiful details, making it a photographer’s dream. Each detail was carefully chosen, adding to the charm and uniqueness of their day.

Adding a signature scent for their wedding day was a brilliant idea, ensuring that every time they experience that fragrance, it will bring back cherished memories of this special day. As they walked hand in hand down the aisle, newlyweds in love, they were greeted with a joyful bubble exit, celebrating their union with a sprinkle of magic and laughter.

Allison and Kyle’s incredible chemistry was truly heartwarming, and their love was felt by all who were present. Congratulations to this lovely couple!


Officiant: Ian Parrott//Event Venue: Chapel in the Hollow//Bakery:Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop//Jewelry: Jared//Invitation Designer:Etsy//Invitation Designer: Zola//Floral Designer: The Flowerman//Event Designer:Custom Love Gifts and Events//Photographer: Star Noir Studio//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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