Boho Desert Elopement with Dogs at Red Rock Canyon

Captured by Onyx and Arrow
Submitted by Epic Elopement



Our elopement was so sporadic. But it was perfect. Everything about that day was surreal and with our closest families present, it made the intimate event feel complete.


We love the outdoors, we love to disconnect and enjoy each other without all of the day to day distractions. Mt Charleston offers just that. With our jeep and two very close friends, into the woods we went and found a beautiful secluded spot. We took some cute photos as a decoy for Edwina so she wouldn’t suspect what we were up there for, and at just the right time when “Still the one – Teddy Swims” started playing, I brought the ring out and the rest is history.


We started off thinking our wedding was going to be the traditional big wedding with so many people. Then we realized that we are doing this for us and none of that stuff mattered to us. We decided having the most important people in our lives present, our pups and each other was all that mattered. It was then that we decided to keep it intimate and went with the elopement. Everything that day was above and beyond what we envisioned.


This was a lot! However, once Elopement Las Vegas was involved, it turned out to be as stress free as it could have been. It became fun and exciting again. And when the day finally came, so did everything else. It was so seamless and the stress prior to it all just disappeared.


Char went on David’s bridal, picked her choice and ran with it. Edwina, oh She did the dress shopping with her close friends and with time, she found her dress in two sizes too big. After two alteration appointments, it was perfect.


The entire day from start to finish is a day we can relive and talk about over and over without getting tired of it. It’s the same some but a different tune every time. But there were a few moments of that day that definitely stood out. Right after our official kiss of being married, I hugged Edwina so hard that the dress that she loves so much, snapped at the strap! But as well equipped as the team was, they fixed it right there and we were back! It’s a funny mishap that has become a highlight laugh of the day. The champagne toast that we were able to share with our families at the end was the perfect way to close the day.


The stress was self inflicted, just go with the flow and don’t resist. Just go with it! Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. The reason that you are having this is for you as a couple, for your growth together and the next chapters of your lives. Indulge in all of the excitement, happiness and even the little stress it brings. Because when all of that is said and done, at the end of the day, you’re going to be married to your best friend. That’s all that will matter.


Ceremony Location: Red Rock Canyon//Officiant: Wedding Vows Las Vegas//Floral Designer: Amy Wong Floral & Events//Event Planner: Epic Elopement//Event Planner: Elopement Las Vegas//Photographer: Onyx and Arrow//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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