Leslie and Chris’s Wedding of Love at Lake Lemon

Captured & submitted by Jasmine Norris Photography


Leslie and Chris are married! YAY! These two first met back in 2012 at the exact same place where they got married! They met at an event called Poker Run and Chris’ parents home was stop #2 of the run. As soon as they saw each other, they were stricken and for the rest of the day stayed near each other. They kept in contact for years but both of them were too nervous to ask the other one on a date! Fast forward to 2018 and Chris finally asked Leslie out and they went on their first date (which lasted 16 hours) and they knew that they were meant for each other and the rest is history! Fast forward a couple years and Leslie was on her way home and was talking to her mom on the phone and her mom said “is that man ever going to ask you to marry him?”. When Leslie got home she told Chris and they joked about it and Chris reached in his pocket like he was reaching for a ring and Leslie said “yeah right” and he pulled out his car keys. They both laughed and Leslie jokingly hung her head dissapointed. When she looked back up, she saw Chris on one knee with an engagement ring!!!! She obviously said yes!

Since Chris and Leslie both met on Lake Lemon and have spent many fun times there, they knew it would be the perfect place for them to tie the knot! They affectionately call their wedding theme “Love on Lake Lemon”! They wanted to have a small wedding with just their family. They held their ceremony down by the water and Leslie’s uncle officiated. For their reception, they didn’t want the big wedding reception but wanted a nice dinner where they could celebrate with all of their family. They did still want to do a first dance though so after the ceremony, they boarded a pontoon boat and had their first dance out on the water! They filled their wedding with purple, teal, and gold colors and lots of fun and laughter!


How/when/where did you meet?

We met at the same place we’re getting married, Lake Lemon Indiana in May of 2012 at a lake hosted event called the Poker Run, the Nichols house was stop #2 and as soon as we saw each other we were stricken.  Then we met and were attached at the hip the rest of the day.  We would keep in contact for years but both to nervous to ask the other on a date.  The day finally came that Chris asked out Leslie.  We went on our first date April 2018 and after our first date that lasted 16 hours we realized we were meant for each other the whole time!

How/when/where did the proposal happen?

Christ proposed in our kitchen.  On Leslie’s way home she was talking to her mom on the phone and her mother said “is that man ever going to ask you to marry him?”  When Leslie came home she was joking about it and Chris joked back by reaching in his pocket acting like he was reaching for a ring.  Leslie laughed and said “yeah right”.  Chris then pulled out keys from his pocket, we both laughed and Leslie jokingly hung her head and hummed a sad tune but completely to her surprise Leslie looked up to see Chris on one knee with an engagement ring presented to her and Chris with welled up eyes and a shaky hand said “For real though, will you marry me?”  Leslie’s eyes grew wide with surprise and she started shaking and tearing up and said “are you serious?! omg! Yes! Of course Honey! Yes!”  We both then embraced, crying and shaking out of an overwhelming feeling of so much love and bliss.

What was the vision for your wedding, the style/color/scheme?

For the day to be comfortable, intimate and fun the scheme would be Love on Lake Lemon.

How many guests?

20ish people all together and that includes the wedding parties.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

It’s where we met, we’ve spent many many precious, fun, wonderful times there.

Describe your ceremony, what makes it unique/special?

Just us, our family, our lake, our love.

Describe the flowers used for floral arrangements?

Dark purple roses, teal blue lillie’s, some white and gold accents.  Leslie made them all herself.

What was the inspiration for your wedding cake?

Lake Theme.


Jewelry: Reis Nichols//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Louie’s Tux Shop//Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie//Dress Store: David’s Bridal//Photographer: Jasmine Norris Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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