Alonna and Khalid’s Beautiful Botanical Garden Wedding

Captured & submitted by Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography


On September 29, 2023, Alonna and Khalid became husband and wife at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH. The wedding was a magical affair, and Khalid’s daughter and their other little family members were such a great addition to this day. These two are deeply in love, and we wish them all the happiness in the world as they embark on their new life together.

Their Story:

“It’s 2011 in Columbus, OH. Two college kids meet working at The Ohio State University AT&T campus store. They started off as friends, occasionally grabbing teppanyaki during their lunch break or meeting up after work for a happy hour drink. As time progressed, they grew closer as friends. One night at Ugly Tuna Saloona over drinks and the sound of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, the conversation led to expressions of feelings of a deeper connection and understanding of each other’s heart. Something of which they both respected and cherished about one another.

They moved forward from that moment as a couple. Eventually Alonna moved in with Khalid. They met each other’s families, threw parties, and grew together. Three years later they broke up…

Summer of 2016: Khalid and Alonna have kept in touch, but they are only friends. News of Ava’s birth brings them together to have a heart to heart about how important it is to be the best dad ever and to fully embrace Khalid’s new title.

Khalid, Ava and Alonna begin hanging out as a trio quickly building the bonds of friendship and love. Alonna supports Khalid as a partner but also as a father and holds him to the gold standard. The passing of Khalid’s father Robert brought unimaginable grief and the couple leaned together to endure.

In 2019 the trio becomes more like a little family and as time goes by Alonna and Khalid close on a house where they continue to grow and spread their love to family and friends.

2020: We can all remember and imagine the state of things. It’s November, the week of the election, tensions are high, Black Lives Matter protests are everywhere, and the world seems unrecognizable, so they decided to brave the outside world and escape to their haven Punta Cana.

As they try to leave it all temporarily behind, Khalid is planning a romantic beach dinner and a proposal. It’s almost perfect but Alonna discovers a large jewelry box as she is rummaging around trying to find her phone. Bewildered and confused, she tries to maintain composure as she is getting ready for the beach dinner. And then, suddenly it all clicks. The romantic dinner, his unusual concern over being on time, the impromptu romantic destination, he’s going to propose! Which he does, and it’s beautiful, emotional and perfect. The ring is gorgeous and a feeling of everything is going to be alright because “we have each other” washes over them.

The next three years fly by. Ava is seven and is still the center of their world. While Khalid coaches soccer, Alonna plans birthday parties and playdates. Khalid takes over planning the wedding because Alonna is overwhelmed and they support each other when the going gets tough, like always. And they live happily ever after…”

Love Alonna and Khalid


Caterer: Creative Cuisine//Bridesmaid Dresses:Azazie//Lighting: Party Pleasers//Makeup Artist: Mahnulee Glam LLC//Bakery: Kennedy’s KAKES//Floral Designer:Flocal Co. Floral Studio//Ring Designer:A Jaffe//Jewelry:Diamond Cellar//Shoes: Badgely Mischka//Veils and headpieces: Sarah Gabriel//Dress Store: La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique//Dress Designer:Mikaella//Groomsman Attire: The Modern Groom//Event Venue: Franklin Park Conservatory//Photographer: Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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