Stacey and Nate’s Summer Engagement Session at Columbia River Gorge

Captured & submitted by Avodah Co.


Stacey & Nate met on Hinge Jan 2020, went on a first date (a Trailbrazer’s game), and then ended up quarantining together. The kayaking cove in Columbia River Gorge where their engagement session was shot at, was a place Stacey grew up kayaking with her sister at! It was a coincidence that we chose it for their adventure engagement session, but it seemed like a full circle moment! They played Mancala, painted a picture, and danced/star gazed for their adventure session activities with us! They live in Beaverton, OR – Nate is a Physical Trainer at the University of Oregon & Stacey is a Wedding Planner at Your Perfect Bridesmaid based in OR – that’s how we connected with her originally & have actually worked a wedding together this past July at Noble Ridge Tree Deck for an intimate wedding there!They love cooking fun foods at home, playing board games, camping & having inside jokes together, and reminiscing on the “good old days” with their closest friends that they met in high school which were also their unofficial wedding party people. Stacey is also a hobby musician.


Other Location:Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area//Photographer: Avodah Co.//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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