Madeline and Andrew’s Engagement at Silver Springs Park

Captured & submitted by Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography


For the Groom –

What are important qualities about your bride that you love?

“Madeline is sweet, down to earth, and super low maintenance (and even in the rare occasion that she’s being high maintenance, she’s really easy to read so I know exactly what she wants). She prioritizes making others happy, even sometimes at her own expense-not usually because she’s actively deciding to suppress what she wants, but because she just didn’t even think about it. She’s driven but not so much that she cares more about her work than her personal life (always a danger with those medical people types) and most importantly, it feels like we just fit-it feels easy and natural to do things together, live life together, etc. Plus, she’s a dog person, which is very important considering I have a dog and love him very much.”

For the Bride –

What are important qualities about your groom that you love?

“He is devoted to his family and friends and spends time to cultivate those relationships. He is very generous with time-will drive any number of miles to support loved ones. He is also extremely supportive. He has helped me make it through many rough moments in medical school. Lastly, he is the most awesome dog dad. everyday he does things to try to make our dog as happy as possible-even if it means sacrificing more of his already limited time to take him to a new dog park.”


Event Venue:Silver Springs Park//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Bonobos//Dress Store:LuLus//Hair Stylist:DryBar//Photographer: Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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