Kat and Mark’s Elegant Mountain Elopement in Glacier National Park

Captured & submitted by Britttany Hamann Photography


Kat & Mark had their elopement in Glacier National Park, and it was such a magical day!

They started their day off by exchanging vows, rings, and joining leaf halves – Mark made Kat a wooden leaf when they were in college, he gave her half with his initials on it, and he kept the other half with her initials, and they joined the halves back into one during their ceremony.

After their vow exchange, we explored and hiked alllll over the park! We hiked to several waterfalls and saw so many incredible places. Kat & Mark also shared a picnic and champagne while overlooking stunning mountains and waterfalls.⁠

During the day, we saw so much wildlife! It’s rare for me to find someone who gets as excited about wildlife as I do, but Kat was just as stoked about all the animals. We saw bears, mountain goats, a wolverine, a moose, and tons of chunky chipmunks. It was absolutely incredible!⁠

I’m so grateful that Kat & Mark chose me to capture this amazing day and explore Glacier National Park with them!


Location: Glacier National Park//Photographer: Britttany Hamann Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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