Hudaa and Scott’s Timeless Wedding at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Captured & submitted by Lauren Ashley Studios


Love stories come in all shapes and sizes. The tale of Hudaa and Scott is one that beautifully weaves together the modern world of dating apps, a pandemic-driven realization, and a romantic proposal in the heart of New York City. The culmination of their journey led them to a timeless wedding at the Milwaukee Art Museum. They celebrated their love and commitment in an elegant and minimalist wedding ceremony.

A Perfect Connection

It all began four years ago when Hudaa and Scott swiped right on Tinder. Little did they know that this digital connection would blossom into a lifelong partnership. As fate would have it, the COVID-19 lockdown brought them even closer. Hudaa fondly remembers realizing that Scott was the one during those challenging times. Their compatibility became evident as they discovered how perfectly their personalities complemented each other. Scott with his creative and driven mindset, and Hudaa with her warm and vibrant spirit. From that point on, their bond grew stronger, and they became inseparable.

The scene for Scott’s unforgettable proposal was set in the heart of New York City’s Central Park. Against the picturesque backdrop of the Bow Bridge, Scott got down on one knee and asked Hudaa to spend forever with him. With joyful tears and a resounding “yes,” they embarked on the journey towards their wedding day.

A Wedding to Remember

July arrived, and the couple’s dream wedding unfolded at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The day was a testament to their love, adorned with timeless elegance and a touch of minimalism. Hudaa and Scott shared that their most cherished moments were centered around the first look and the ceremony itself. “We were just so ready to see each other and tie the knot!!! We did a first look and we are so glad. It allowed us to spend some quality time together while capturing beautiful photos before we said I Do.”

The couple’s choice for a wedding without a traditional wedding party showcased their focus on intimacy and the shared experience. Their vision was brought to life through a palette of sophistication, with every detail resonating with their desire for a classic celebration.

A Little Advice

For those about to embark on their own wedding journey, Hudaa and Scott have some sage advice: “Sleep well, get ready early! Brides should always have flats to change into.” However, their most valuable piece of wisdom revolves around photography. “Our biggest advice for others would be to have a healthy budget for photography because pictures make the memory last a lifetime.” In a world where memories can fade, these images will stand as testaments to their enduring love.

Plans For The Future

Looking forward, Hudaa and Scott are excited about the lifetime they will share together. With hearts full of gratitude for finding each other, they are committed to cherishing every moment. As they exchanged vows, they looked forward to the adventures that lay ahead.

And adventures they had, as they jetted off to the enchanting island of Bali for their honeymoon. From relaxing days on the sandy shores of Jimbaran Bay to exhilarating sessions of rafting and encounters with the mischievous inhabitants of the monkey forest in Ubud, their honeymoon was a testament to their zest for life and love for exploration.

Perfect Love Story

Hudaa and Scott’s journey reminds us that love can bloom in unexpected places, even in the digital age. Their wedding was a celebration of timeless love, shared with those who mean the most. As they step into their future hand in hand, their hearts brimming with dreams and memories, Hudaa and Scott’s love story is an inspiration to us all.


Dress Store: White Dress Bridal Boutique//Floral Designer:Flowers for Dreams//Pre Ceremony Location: The Pfister Hotel//Reception Venue: Milwaukee Art Museum//Photographer: Lauren Ashley Studios//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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