Kymberly and Jeff’s Surprise Proposal in Chicago

Captured & submitted by MOMENTS BY FRANK


You could feel the love in the air,  seeing how genuinely happy and in love they were – it was just amazing.

So, let me tell you about this incredible proposal, Jeff and Kymberly, a couple who flew all the way from Santa Barbara to Chicago. Jeff had been planning to pop the question for weeks and he called me up to help him nail down the perfect spot. After making some last minute changes due to unforeseen construction at our original location We finally settled on the Adler Planetarium – talk about a romantic setting with the whole city skyline in the background!

The day they flew in was crazy. Jeff was a bundle of nerves, worried about keeping the ring hidden. Imagine him, constantly checking his pocket to make sure Kymberly doesn’t accidentally find the ring. And get this – he even made sure she got her nails done just right before they left, thinking of everything for the big moment.

Keeping this whole thing a secret was a real mission. He had their friends and family in on it too, making sure nobody spilled the beans. It was like planning a covert operation!

The day of the proposal, we were all keeping our fingers crossed about the weather. Chicago can be so unpredictable, right? But luck was on their side. Just as the sun was setting, the clouds cleared, and there was this amazing golden light hitting the skyline. Picture-perfect, I’m telling you.

So, they’re walking along the lakefront, and Kymberly is totally clueless, just taking in the view of the city. Then, at the perfect moment, when she turns back to Jeff, there he is, down on one knee. The look on her face was priceless – total shock and happiness all rolled into one.

Jeff looks into her eyes and goes, “Kymberly, will you be my forever, my wife, and spend the rest of our lives together?” I mean, could it be more perfect? Kymberly just bursts into tears and throws her arms around him. She said yes, of course!

You could feel the love in the air,  seeing how genuinely happy and in love they were – it was just amazing.


Location: Adler Planetarium//Photographer: MOMENTS BY FRANK//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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